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Robocop(SS13) Folky Harmonica Remix

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I lost my password to my old account(Harmonicalifornia), but I had made this remix of a song from the old Robocop game on the Amstrad and Gameboy just recently.. Gameboy version

I'm fond of the song much more so from a different game called SS13. One of the SS13 versions

Anywho, mine is pretty basic; made some backing music on a keyboard and played lead using my Hohner diatonic Blues Harp in A and mixed it using Audacity.  Enjoy!

I figure it's pretty much complete as far as a remix could go, I'm self taught in all things music so I think the only real improvement I could make would be in re-recording it to mitigate the sound of pressing the keys on the keyboard but any and all feedback is appreciated! Thank you for your time!

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This is a cool idea!  I like these very minimal arrangements a lot too.  It needs a bit of polish in terms of production quality.  The harmonica recording is already pretty good, but there are a couple spots where you may be able to smooth out the performance a bit more. 

Your keyboard could be improved upon in terms of sound quality.  Since you're doing the harmonica live, I'd suggest you just look around on the site and see if you can get someone to record the guitar(?)  part live for you to. That would really improve the overall sound, and I doubt it'd be too hard to find someone. 

Keep working on it,  you could have a really nice tune here!   

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Thank you very much for your feedback! I agree about the backing parts.

I posted in the collaborate forum to try and find someone who might be interested in helping me. Here is the topic I made. The backing tracks I made on my Yamaha keyboard are MIDI I'm pretty sure, and it's a banjo and folk guitar. I explained out the notes/chord progressions that I played for the backing tracks on there, and I think it really shows my lack of professional music knowledge and the painfully simple handle I have on playing keyboard( A     C#-E    A     C#-E,      A     C#-E(sustained),      F#    A-C    F#   A-C,    F#   A-C(sustained),       D    F#-A   D    F#-A,    D   F#-A(sustained),    E   -   G#  -  B(picked) is the guitar part, and A  - C#  -  E  -  C#,  A  - C#  -  E  -  C#,    F#  -  A  -  C#  -  A,  F#  -  A  -  C#  -  A,  D  -  F#  -   A   -  F#,   D  -  F#  -   A   -  F#,   F  -  G#  -  B  -  G#, repeating. is the banjo part.

I appreciate your feedback, I really hadn't thought to ask anyone to collaborate with me. Hopefully someone will pick it up, I imagine anyone with experience could come up with a much more filling backing track.

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Sure thing!   I definitely have both strong and weak areas when it comes to music.   I like working in collaborations because it brings in someone else's ideas and strengths, I learn a lot in the process, it lets me focus on the parts i enjoy most,and for me, it's more fun working on music with others.   

So that's basically my advice,  seek out help from others and use this as an opportunity to learn as well as to create something.  Sounds like you're doing exactly that!  

Also , the forums aren't always very busy,  responses can be slow.  If you don't get anything for a while, don't hesitate to be a bit more proactive.  Most members on the site have musical skills and openness to collaboration listed in their profiles.  If need be, do some searching for artists who play those instruments, listen to their stuff and message the ones who you think would be a good fit for your vision.       

Good luck!

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