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Robocop(SS13) Banjo and guitar players for simple progression

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Hi! I had been working on a remix of this song from Robocop Here's an example of an SS13 version and here's one of the original renditions.

It's a fairly simple mix, I've basically played harmonica for fifteen years and I know a little bit of harmonica. I've taught myself some keyboard, and that's what I use to make backing tracks- kind of an older, cheaper Yamaha however, and I have to record the keyboard via a mic, it doesn't transfer directly out onto my PC, and it's MIDI samples I'm pretty sure, so between my lack of experience there and the unnecessary middleman of a mic I don't produce the best backing tracks. 

I asked for feedback here, and was recommended to seek out a collab so someone could make a backing track for it, since as I'm playing the harmonica live, a live recording of the banjo and guitar tracks would improve the production value quite a bit.

The song as I've made it so far is here

I'm self taught in music so I don't have the best grasp of music theory or anything, however these are the tracks for the banjo and guitar isolated, and these are the notes I played in making them(no clue about sheet music really, sorry).

The key of the song is A. The chord progression is A-C#-E, F#-A-C, D-F#-A, and E-G#-B repeating

The guitar isolated sounds like so- it's played like: A     C#-E    A     C#-E,      A     C#-E(sustained),      F#    A-C    F#   A-C,    F#   A-C(sustained),       D    F#-A   D    F#-A,    D   F#-A(sustained),    E   -   G#  -  B(picked)

The banjo isolated sounds like so- it's played like picking the individual notes:    A  - C#  -  E  -  C#,  A  - C#  -  E  -  C#,    F#  -  A  -  C#  -  A,  F#  -  A  -  C#  -  A,  D  -  F#  -   A   -  F#,   D  -  F#  -   A   -  F#,   F  -  G#  -  B  -  G#, repeating.


I apologize again for the amateur way I wrote out the music, I know it's something very basic but it's really the extent to which I can play keyboard. Thank you ahead of time for any and all interest! I'm not exactly looking to pay for anything, but I'd be glad to offer playing harmonica for a track of yours if you'd like. At the moment I have three decent diatonic harmonicas in the keys of A, G, and C.  G is the lowest, A is a little higher, and C is the highest. Basically, you can buy specialty harmonicas that are lower or higher if you so choose- say that the C diatonic is in the middle of a piano, you could buy a C diatonic that's tuned an octave down or an octave up. As an example though, if you wanted a lower pitch thing in the key of C, I could for the most part play that using my G harmonica.

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