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New album: Expedition to PL21-13


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A couple years ago, I released Zest Quest, an original album about fruit planets. Since then, I’ve decided to make more music set in the same universe, and I just released number 2!


Expedition to PL21-13


It contains a mishmash of retro sounds with an emphasis on things that sounded purple to me, paired with a story about unpaid interns searching a swampy alien planet for a robot sent by their ancestors hundreds of years ago. If you’re into flavor text, there's a full description on Bandcamp, and the album download comes with a 5-page PDF of log entries. :<


The original concept for the album had no narrative context...but it turned out that giving it a story and connecting it to Zest Quest unleashed a rush of motivation. Now I’m looking forward to all the possibilities for fleshing out this universe. Hope you enjoy!



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On 5/16/2019 at 6:22 PM, Cosmic Prism said:

Nice album man :-D!!! 

My favorites are Polluted Plumbing, Swamp Luminescence (good gracious the soundscape is beautiful), and Replumification. 

Thank you! It’s always interesting to hear what people’s favorites are. Swamp Luminescence came from a 2013 WIP that I pulled out of storage and reworked/finished. It was one of the key tracks when I was originally deciding on a tone for the album. Replumification, on the other hand, wasn’t started until everything else was finished. So you’ve kind of got the bookends there.

43 minutes ago, SquareWave said:

Whoa! Loving this, and getting inspired by your mixing abilities. I remember listening to the Essence of Lime album when it came out. It's great to hear original tracks from you!

I appreciate the compliment on the mixing. I’ve always seen it as my weak point, so I try my best to keep improving!

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