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Mothership Loudspeakerz - WIREHEAD (full album)

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I know I'm mainly known for my vgm remixes (and on this site even more so, duh) but in between those projects I found time to work on my own original music, and here's the result.
It's a mix of late 90s dance music tropes, cyberpunk cheesiness, breakbeat, and something else. Enjoy!


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Has a SNES soundchip vibe mixed with modern stuff, in the pads.  Well an upsampled SNES soundchip.  Love the arps that fade in.  Simple bass adds a lot of depth.  Flutes that come in later add a lot.  And of course there's a riser effect.  Everyone has a hardon for those these days.  >: P 

1:27:00 has a Secret of Mana vibe.  The pads add a lot of depth.  Feels like I'm in the metaverse floating around or something. 


Gonna have to favorite this album for a proper listen through.  Did you mean to link at 1:25:00? 

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