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  1. Hello there! It's been a while (almost 2 years) since I've touched anything from Unreal or Unreal Tournament, so I thought t was about time to remix something quite underrated from my favourite videogame soundtrack ever, enjoy!
  2. mothershipl

    4. submitted Duck Tales - The Moon (Psytrance Remix)

    Can I use the latest export for one of my future mixes? it would be stuff like this
  3. mothershipl

    4. submitted Duck Tales - The Moon (Psytrance Remix)

    What plugin(s) do yo use for mastering?
  4. mothershipl

    4. submitted Duck Tales - The Moon (Psytrance Remix)

    Same here, glad that my suggestions came to fruition
  5. I personally muted the music altogether when I've played SS2, it clashed too much with the atmosphere of the game. But sure the trancey stuff was apt for a remix
  6. Hello there! Today is the day I release a new remix of mine, so I've figured it would be a good occasion to open my first thread in here. To start 2018 on a high note I've decided to remix one of the dance-y/trance-y tracks from System Shock 2...and make it even more dance-y/trance-y, with chord stabs, acid lines, 170bpm and whatnot. Honestly I don't even know what genre this track falls into, but I hope you guys will enjoy nonetheless! [.video=youtube;] [/video.]
  7. mothershipl

    4. submitted Duck Tales - The Moon (Psytrance Remix)

    I should know better about spaghetti, I'm italian lol. if you have any other question don't hesitate to ask.
  8. mothershipl

    4. submitted Duck Tales - The Moon (Psytrance Remix)

    Oh cool, something in my field of expertise! Some quick tips: -pitch up a bit the closed hats so that the drum groove is tighter -raise the volume of the open hat -change the snare sound, the current one sounds too "boxy" like some general MIDI drum, try something more snappy -tone down the resonance on the bassline filter and open the filter a little bit, shorten a little bit the notes so you have a tighter 16th sequence and less mud -you can sidechain the low freq (250hz and down) of your main leads to get a clearer sounding mix, same for the snare -work on the dynamics of the tracks, so far it sounds like you've laid down one idea after another to check if they go well with the kick/bass combo, add at least one breakdown in the track to control the overall energy
  9. mothershipl

    I made some game soundfonts

    great, thanks! I love soundfonts, too bad they're so underappreciated these days