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  1. I know I'm mainly known for my vgm remixes (and on this site even more so, duh) but in between those projects I found time to work on my own original music, and here's the result. It's a mix of late 90s dance music tropes, cyberpunk cheesiness, breakbeat, and something else. Enjoy!
  2. Hello there! I had this project on hold for a year and a half, so I thought it was about time to finish it and finally release it, enjoy!
  3. Hello there, I just released my take on the System Shock intro music, hope you'll like it!
  4. Hello again! After over a half year I've managed to release another Deus Ex remix (a franchise that's quite popular on this platform judging by the amount of mixes I had the occasion to listen to, the "Only In Novels" cover is my favorite so far), I hope it will be on par with the previous works, enjoy!
  5. yeah the hats could've indeed been louder, I was afraid of overloading the very high end too much in the mixing stage
  6. What's up guys, I'm here again to post my latest rework (this time without making 1000 edits to the OP) It's a track from the Unreal Tournament 99 soundtrack, reworked in a freeform/drum&Bass/IDM style and sped up a bit (155 BPM instead of the original 116) So long story short, here's my remix, hope you'll enjoy it! (and here's the original for comparison)
  7. Hello there! It's been a while (almost 2 years) since I've touched anything from Unreal or Unreal Tournament, so I thought t was about time to remix something quite underrated from my favourite videogame soundtrack ever, enjoy!
  8. Can I use the latest export for one of my future mixes? it would be stuff like this
  9. I personally muted the music altogether when I've played SS2, it clashed too much with the atmosphere of the game. But sure the trancey stuff was apt for a remix
  10. Hello there! Today is the day I release a new remix of mine, so I've figured it would be a good occasion to open my first thread in here. To start 2018 on a high note I've decided to remix one of the dance-y/trance-y tracks from System Shock 2...and make it even more dance-y/trance-y, with chord stabs, acid lines, 170bpm and whatnot. Honestly I don't even know what genre this track falls into, but I hope you guys will enjoy nonetheless! [.video=youtube;] [/video.]
  11. I should know better about spaghetti, I'm italian lol. if you have any other question don't hesitate to ask.
  12. Oh cool, something in my field of expertise! Some quick tips: -pitch up a bit the closed hats so that the drum groove is tighter -raise the volume of the open hat -change the snare sound, the current one sounds too "boxy" like some general MIDI drum, try something more snappy -tone down the resonance on the bassline filter and open the filter a little bit, shorten a little bit the notes so you have a tighter 16th sequence and less mud -you can sidechain the low freq (250hz and down) of your main leads to get a clearer sounding mix, same for the snare -work on the dynamics of the tracks, so far it sounds like you've laid down one idea after another to check if they go well with the kick/bass combo, add at least one breakdown in the track to control the overall energy