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Hello! Since I have only seen journal articles and threads related to Metroid Prime 4 consisting of discussion about when it will release, I have decided to create a thread where people can discuss what the overarching story may be. The main concerns here are the introduction of Sylux into the Metroid Prime series, the possibility that Sylux is Samus's brother, and how the word "Prime" even relates to the series now that Metroid Prime has been defeated and Phazon extinguished from the universe. These are just a few of my own personal questions concerning the series, but of course, the discussion can be as expanded as you want it to be.

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Since Metroid Prime 2, I have played with the idea that co-op in Metroid Prime would be interesting. It could work in the sense that players begin at different sections of the game world and are unaware of which bounty hunters the others have picked. Since players won't know who is which bounty hunter and whether or not the players they encounter are necessarily AI or real people, this would retain the feeling of apprehension and isolation Metroid is known for. Of course, after you do finally meet another player you will be able to communicate at some point to let them know you are a player. At any point, players would be able to decide if they are going to work together or work against each other to finish the game and collect the bounty first.

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