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WANTED: killer EDM producer


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Howdy, OCR forums. I'm directing a project for OverClocked Records that is similar to OCR's Super Cartography Bros album, in that it's working with short, recognizable themes and turning them into EDM tracks. I need someone who thinks they have the killer studio chops to take a short theme and turn it into an EDM (house, dubstep, future bass, riddim, etc.) banger. What's more, you need to be able to pull this off in the span of a few weeks. If you think you're up to it, send me a sample of your work, and let's talk!


There is no payment up front, but this will be a commercially-released album with royalty payments.

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10 hours ago, Flexstyle said:

@Chernabogue Cheers for checking in! I'm looking for stuff that would fit alongside releases on Monstercat Records, Tasty Network, and TinyWaves, predominantly. Your stuff is super neat, but not exactly the same sort of genre.

That's okay, thanks for checking out and letting me know. Good luck with the project!

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