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Tanhaaiyan (Desolation) - New song and update


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Hi everyone,

It's been years since I've done anything new. Recently, I've been working on a VGM remix that fuses Persona 5's "Beneath the Mask" with Street's of Rage's "Keep the Grrovin". I am looking for someone who can sing "Beneath the Mask" in pretty much the same way as original.

Meanwhile, I wrote something original. Unfortunately, it is in foreign language and I apologize to those who can't understand it. It is supposed to scratch that 90's pop-chillout itch. Hope you guys enjoy it :)



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1:17 detected some distortion (or clipping?) in the lows, lower mid range.  Dunno if that's YT's encoding or if something is a bit too hoggy in the soundscape there.  Dat fat bass, might be mixed a tad too loud, now that I think of it. 

2:10 Dat crystal keys synth.  That is sexy.  2:30, the soundscape evolves even more, liking that discreet arp.

Yeah, so I'd look at that phat bass and maybe the other ranges as well as what you're using to E/Q.  If it's FL Studio, don't use any of the in-house shit.  Least from my experiences.  Otherwise, this is a very well crafted song.  What language is it btw? 

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