Hip Hop Artist//Rapper looking to create a Hip Hop video game album

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Hey guys,

This is my first time using OC Remix to create a project, so just let me know if I'm doing something wrong or making mistakes or anything like that.

Bear with me for just a little background info, thanks.

My name's Jesiah and I'm a Hip Hop Artist who has been playing video games since 1994.

I own my own recording studio and love writing to/rapping over songs from video games that have been turned into Hip Hop beats/instrumentals. I've rapped over lots of different beats, not just video game beats, but some of the best music period I've ever heard comes from video games, for me specifically usually games from the PS1/PS2 era, although I'm open to whatever.

So I just kinda launched a Youtube channel/series called Jesiah's Journal, and a lot of the entries are songs rapped over video game beats. 

Jesiah's Journal is a project I plan to update once a week with a new song/video.

In the meantime however, I've been getting ready to start working on my first Mixtape, which is gonna be more traditional Hip Hop.

But then I remembered OC Remix, and I had the idea of, before my first traditional Hip Hop Mixtape, what if I made something really awesome for/with OC Remix.

Because once I put out a Mixtape in the rap game, I probably won't have any time to do a project like this. At least not for a long time.

So basically I guess I'm looking for someone or multiple people who would be interested in creating this with me?

I at least figured I'd ask. If no one wants to, I'll be on my merry way lol. 

But If I could get a passionate person or again a group of people might even be better, to collaborate with and be committed enough to see the project through till the end, I definitely feel we can create something really awesome, unique, powerful, and beautiful...All while honoring the beauty that is video game music.

I guess the main thing I would need is someone to make the beats, but I'm also open to creative input. 

For example, I'm not fully up to date with modern gaming, so let's say we decided to go in a direction where we want to make something that has a large impact and reaches a lot of people/gamers in idk what you'd call it, "modern gaming culture" I guess, I wouldn't fully know creatively where to start.

Or maybe we end up deciding to do like a PS2 tribute album, or anything like that. I'm at least open to any and all ideas.

Also, I'm still working on finding/perfecting my sound as an artist, and compared to my writing and rapping skills, my production could def still use some work. So maybe by collabing with someone on an official/professional project, by the end of it I will have learned a good amount of knowledge and overall improved my production skills or just musical skills in general.

So if anyone is interested, just let me know in this thread and I guess we can go from there.

Below are links to songs from my Youtube Journal series where I use video game beats, to give you an idea of my work/style/where I'm at musically as an artist. 

Just a disclaimer, I'm NOT posting these to advertise my channel lol...But how would you know if you want to work with me or what's possible if we collab'd without hearing my work obviously.


Sanctuary - A piano rendition of a song from Avatar the Last Airbender...Not technically a video game song, but it kinda counts lol.


Wind Scene - A song from Chrono Trigger, an SNES game, called Wind Scene...So I wrote a literal visual scene of wind.


Waterworks - Dire Dire Docks from Mario 64.


Blue's Promise - Hard to explain but I play Pokemon games as Blue, the original protagonist technically from Pokemon Blue...So I wrote a song from this persona but from my real life perspective.


Simple and Clean - From Kingdom Hearts


The Angel in my Storm - The song Enclosure from Metal Gear Solid...Just the song though, no drums added


The Boy with Stars in His Eyes - The song Reminiscence from Chrono Cross


This series is more of a personal, at times softer look at me as a person/artist...If anyone wants to hear me in a more traditional/modern Hip Hop form for whatever reason, I can send stuff through email once we get in contact. It's obviously not as necessary to hear as the links I posted above, but I do consider myself overall way more impressive in a lot of my other work and also more aggressive, which could be a style we use for the project.

I truly believe we can create something amazing, and I'd love to be able to say I contributed to OC Remix.

So yeah, thanks for taking the time to read all of this, and if anyone's interested I'll be here checking this thread. 





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OMG this is perfect for me.

I do Trap versions of VGM. Mostly Sonic.

Most of my mixes need a little more work tbh. I'm also learning to mix vocals (I just made a couple of tracks with an acapella from looperman). Hit me up (or check the above link) on Thursday to hear them.

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