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OCRA-0071 - Songs of the Sirens: Link's Awakening ReMixed


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Right after we finished Mirror Image, we already half-jokingly talked about making another Zelda album at some point. As soon as the Link's Awakening remaster for the Nintendo Switch was announced, we realised now was the perfect time to do the album.

Link's Awakening is very special to us, and we wanted to show the depth of our appreciation of the game and its music by releasing an arrangement album simultaneously with the remaster. This album was very much a labour of love, and we hope that translates to the finished product!

We'd like to thank djpretzel, Liontamer, and OverClocked ReMix for releasing this album, Roxanne Chartrand for creating incredible artwork, José the Bronx Rican for doing the awesome trailer, and all the amazing remixers on the project who helped make this dream a reality.


- William Harby (WillRock) & Emery Monzerol (DaMonz)


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The very first reaction when I saw this album was released was, "Aw, but there's already a Link's Awakening album on here!" That disappointment was washed away within about 30 seconds of listening to it, with one of the zippier versions of the LoZ theme music. It's fun all the way through to the last track's chippy race through the game's music with some Pirates of the Caribbean and Cowboy Bebop thrown in just for fun. I dig it!

I'm sure it's been decades since I touched this game on my original Game Boy and even the mixes that are less immediately obvious as to the source tune make me feel like I'm again experiencing it at night, under a blanket with the light attachment turned on, because I was convinced my parents wouldn't know I was playing past bed time. Great salute to one of the pillars of my childhood.

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