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Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Trailers, story & gameplay insights and additional information about the Compilation of Final Fantasy 7

Master Mi

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There 's new trailer for the highly anticipated Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth, the second part of the official FF7 remake.
I guess it's the final launch trailer before the planned release of the game at the end of February.

The trailer is only about a minute long and doesn't show too much new, apart from:
- a familiar Nibelheim scene
- a brief glimpse of the Midgar Zolom (the giant snake in the swamp area between the Chocobo Farm and the Mythril Mine)
- and a giant creature, which reminds me a little of the Weapon at the bottom of the sea, the Emerald Weapon (but it's almost likely that there will be further Weapons as additional challenges in the remake of FF7, especially since the spin-offs in the Final Fantasy 7 universe sometimes had their own unique Weapons, for example Omega Weapon from Dirge of Cerberus or Jade Weapon from Before Crisis)...

And, dude, put an ear to the "Those Who Fight" battle theme in the Rebirth version - it really blew me away.
(Just reminded me these days that I wanted to continue working on my battle theme remix "Fighting Fantasies", but the Crisis Core remix has top priority for now, apart from 1 or 2 other projects.)

So, here's the trailer:

I think that this game will be a gigantic audiovisual experience, embedded in a masterfully told story.


Besides, if anyone has always wanted some of these atmospheric snow globes with a Gold Saucer design, here's your big chance:


I'm really not a fan of all this decorative dust catcher stuff, but I've still toyed with the idea of a snow globe for the winter season some time ago. ))
Nevertheless, I think I've seen enough snow for now after the last few winter service side missions.




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Something final

It might be already a bit late.
But I wanted to let some nice surprises about the Final Fantasy 7 remake project out of the pile before the release of Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth and provide the final trailer and gameplay material from the official side.

For the sake of suspense, let's start from the smallest to the biggest surprise.


1) The Story So Far trailer


This is a rough summary of the first part of the Final Fantasy 7 remake project.


2) The last launch trailer

Nothing overly outstanding - just wanted to add this final launch trailer for the sake of completeness, as it was released shortly after I wrote this comment, just in time for the game's release.


3) The final trailer

So, this is really the true final trailer for Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth.


4) The State of Play trailer

This is a pretty detailed presentation of Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth with a strong focus on the different regions you travel to in the game, different gameplay mechanics (like graphics mode vs. performance mode, unique character abilities or the new party level feature), mini-games and side quests and music (since we are members of OCRemix, get ready for over 400!!! soundtracks in Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth).

It also includes the final trailer from before.


5) Full Nibelheim demo

I was really wondering if I wanted to post this already because it's kind of a bit of a spoiler.

But I just found it really fascinating how they realized the Nibelheim flashback in the Final Fantasy 7 remake project, that I just wanted to show you how well the storytelling contributes to the atmosphere of the game apart from the graphical, sound and gameplay top performance.

Since the Nibelheim flashback will take place in the city of Kalm pretty much at the very beginning of the second part of the remake, I don't think it's too bad to post a more detailed and rather long demo video, which is part of an official playable demo of the game.

There is also a similar demo for a section of the Junon region.
But since it takes place a bit later in the game, I won't post it here.


Enjoy the new content. ))

And don't make the mistake of spending your days watching blindly YouTube videos about Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth, as some people have already had the privilege of playing the game all the way through before the release this week and there are already a lot of scenes up to the end of the game in circulation.

The era of the internet is the great information age, but unfortunately also a time of countless leaks of information and spoiled surprises.





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