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Xbox 360 Controller Conundrum


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Yes, I believe there is a specific version for the PC.

But it's not required at all.

By default, any wired XBox360 controller will work under Windows XP, provided you have an internet connection available to download the drivers, and an available USB port to connect it to.

The PC version is only different from the console version in that it comes with a driver CD, containing the awesomely huge 4 megabyte driver file(And possibly a bunch of PDFs showing you not to stab yourself in the face with a USB cord in 500 different languages)

I use a console-version myself and it worked perfectly from the moment I hooked it up and told XP to go download its own drivers. You can also download the drivers here.

Also, there's a wireless PC version, but that is different in that it requires a wireless receiver, which is built into the actual XBox 360.

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