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  1. You managed to avoid getting anything bad? Yes.
  2. The Shins - Chutes To Narrow Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here The Who - My Generation Deluxe Edition Pants, Shirts, and Phase 10
  3. I have been thinking about buying a 360 controller to use on my computer. Do I have to buy a special made-for-pc version in order for it to work?
  4. kkkk CRAB! JOE!! :]what's up g? hey dude still crazy busy? hey Atma! not so much, my project has stopped for a while and school has kinda slowed down. get on skype so we can talk ;]
  5. i got a DS Lite today :] here is my new Mario Kart freind code: 279259 218003 i'll post the rest later, thats the only game I've played so far. I don't have a Wii yet :[
  6. I bought Contact and the gameplay is boring me to death. Anyone wanna play online? In case you forgot Yoshi's Island DS comes out on November 13, 2006. :^D
  7. So I have some cool ideas for artwork for this project. Are you looking for artists? I'll make something tomorrow and show it to you. Even if your not looking for artists.
  8. Is Poinko doing the art of the project? If so that would awesome!
  9. Those words don't mix well.
  10. I just read about a game called Gunpey today it sounds pretty cool. It's a remake of a Wonderswan game and it's being done by the guys at Q Entertainment so it's gotta be good. It's a pretty old preview, and there have been movies there for even longer. I'm not sure why I never saw it before.
  11. @Bigfoot: you can put pitfall seeds in the ground and when people walk over it they will get stuck in the hole. then they have to press a(or something) repeatedly to get out. I have no idea what the clovers are for.
  12. the song list for Elite Beat Agents revealed! http://gamesarefun.com/news.php?newsid=7058 and it's not to great.
  13. Yes, but only in Emerald version. link Awesome. Then really everyone should be able to get one.
  14. Yeah, with the PMs and the people posting here. And since it will be a few months before the game comes out... I don't know. Maybe some sort of random drawing? I don't know. You might as well just give them away to the people who asked first. Then the rest of us can get clones from people who have them. But I am not sure that you can breed legendaries.Edit: Ya, Mew can't breed.
  15. I tried to do that, but I could not stand that game. I got rid of it, but I kept the bonus disc that gives me Jirachi. Do you get anything special for completing Pokemon XD? Edit: Oh yeah. I want a Mew.
  16. i dunno if it's just me, but now that i have seen alot of the new pokemon in sprite form they look alot better than they did in anime pictures. i always thought they looked retarded in the anime pics, but they look better now. also i am going to say it again. serebii.net is loaded with new d/p news. they have tons of new screens too.. you should go check it out. http://www.serebii.net/
  17. be sure to try out the level editor. thats what i have been looking forward to.
  18. i checked out the offical website and wiki for the game and i haven't found anything that says there is. my guess is that there isn't because you'd think that they would say something about it ya know?
  19. in metroid you could only talk in the lobby before and after a game. it worked pretty good, but it would have been a whole lot cooler if there was in game chat. i can understand why they didn't though, the amount of lag in the game was already high without the microphone.edit: has anyone played pokemon mystery dungeon?
  20. guess i'll have to go to best buy and check it out. i am really looking forward to this game and i would love to try it out now.
  21. so is it true that an elite beat agents demo can be downloaded at a ds download station?
  22. Look! New Kirby Squeak Squad screens. Not sure if it's been posted yet, but if it has it's worth a second look. Contact got pushed back again? D:
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