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X-Men vs Street Fighter ~ Gambit Theme (Synth metal...?)

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Hello everyone! I'm Eidenlux, and this is my first post - so I deeply apologize for any mistake I could incur into.

I'm gonna share with you a tune I've submitted yesterday. Being my first submission to the OCRemix community, I just realized it could've been a better idea to post it here first, so I could have some outside feedback before bring it directly to the jury. I'm not sure whenever this style is widespread, hence the question mark in the title. Basically, it's a blend of Symphonic metal, Cyber metal and Synthwave - Replacing the vocals with lead, "retro"-style synths.

So, for that manner, I'm gonna give some background info about this track. I apologize if it's too long, that's why I'm gonna post the story part in spoilers, so you can skip it if you're not interested in the details (although they could be useful to understand the context of the production and arrangements):


I've been a passionate fan of the original crossover from Capcom (X-Men vs Street Fighter) almost since it was released, back in 1998. This track always stood out from the rest of the OST for me, and I can't understand exactly why, not even today. I've loved it all the way through the 2000s.

So, we get our first fast-forward: 2015. I make music for some years now, in a very constant pace. In the other hand, I'm still in love with fighting videogames, specially those from Capcom and SNK. I was in my over-the-counter playthrough of The King of Fighter XIII, when all of the sudden I had an idea: What if I composed the soundtrack for this game? How would I do it? How would it sound? So I made a small "demo", with a very rustic production, which didn't caught a lot of attention beyond my personal circle. Its name was "Brutal God Project", and it was mostly inspired by bosses like Rugal (KOF), Igniz (KOF), Akuma (SF), Gill (SF), Jyazu (KE), and some others. That name, in fact, comes from the super desesperation movement from Igniz in KOF 2001.

Second fast forward: 2019. In between, a lot of music passed below the bridge. I got attracted by a lot (more) experimental and cyber metal bands. My last hype: Neurotech. My another last hype: Synthwave. I remembered my old project and, inspired by the production techniques of Wulf and Synthwave artists, along with guidance from the most "popular" of its previous tracks ("Invasion"), I tried to give it another go. In that regard, I blended the aspects I liked the most about my current favourite music, and started a full album with original tracks, which is still in the works... But that's another story.

The thing is, thanks to that new album, now I had a "production template", based on this synth-driven, symphonic-esque cyber metal - for whatever purpose I wanted.

So, after many years, I thought: "I love this track. I have now mastered the production style I want. Now it's the time to make my own version". For that manner, I tried to leave some reminiscences of the original CPS instruments, like that synth used in the middle part of the original track, using my own synthesis (ironically based on those classic sounds).

I would love to read any kind of opinion on any aspect of the tune, both musical and/or production-wise.

As for my part, I'm comfortable with the overall production, which is basically what I had in mind. I didn't deviate too much from the original source track, except for a few details, new instruments like distorted guitars, stronger drum presence and the addition of my personal middle part in the second round of the track. Perhaps I like this tune too much to change it to the extreme hahaha

But I'm quite satisfied with the final results; otherwise, I don't think I would have had the guts to submit it in the first place :-P

Anyway, here I'll leave the link on Bandcamp, it should have an acceptable, good streaming quality:


Thank you a lot for this space and your time. We'll be reading each other :mrgreen:

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I radically like that tune.

Could really imagine this track for a future installment of the X-Men series.
A scene like this pops into my mind:

"In the later future, where the wicked hardliners of the humandkind claimed to wipe out all mutants from earth - no matter if friendly or hostile to humans - some bounty hunters for former "mutant affairs", who became kinda wealthy during the last days of the mutants, were playing a kinda die-hard poker match... yelling about how easy they have tortured and killed the last inoffensive mutants.

Just right in this moment the covered eyes of the silent dealer flared up and he threw the cards right on the table in front of each bounty hunter.
And they really got the bad luck cards."

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