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  1. I apologize for the necrobump, but I've noticed there are a couple useful tips which hasn't been mentioned, yet. I'm gonna give my two cents, from the sound design department, but oriented to conventional music writing, both as to make available these tips for a broader public and as to not skew the thread off (plus I could be talking about dark ambient for hours ). First, it is imperative to know which kind of evil you want to portray. What makes whoever (or whatever) you wanna portray evil in the first place? It's their nature? It's their intentions? It's clear and outright malicious? O
  2. This is a great way to start experimenting with stereo guitars. Alternatively, you could use a single synth, link it to two different channels, add a very subtle chorus (preferably before the distortion and/or amp), and tune slightly different their values (gain/tone/drive). That way you'll broaden the variables, thus reducing the chance of stereo nulling. I don't know which DAW do you use, Seth, but you could try the free Boss SD-1 and JCM9000 sims from SimulAnalog. I use them just after a generic DAW chorus, with the exact same instrument I/O (linked to two different mixer channels
  3. Hello everyone! I'm Eidenlux, and this is my first post - so I deeply apologize for any mistake I could incur into. I'm gonna share with you a tune I've submitted yesterday. Being my first submission to the OCRemix community, I just realized it could've been a better idea to post it here first, so I could have some outside feedback before bring it directly to the jury. I'm not sure whenever this style is widespread, hence the question mark in the title. Basically, it's a blend of Symphonic metal, Cyber metal and Synthwave - Replacing the vocals with lead, "retro"-style synths. So, fo
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