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The Journey Vol. 3 released at last.

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Yes, after a number of delays and issues, the final entry in my album series is finally out.

At 17 tracks, this one is easily the biggest of the albums. It has a mix of Classical songs that cover a variety of moods and atmospheres. From peaceful solo instrumentals, to ominous epic orchestral pieces, and many things in-between, this one was a beast to finish. But finish it I did, and it's up on Bandcamp now. For those interested, here are the first two singles from the album, along with this link that will take you to my Bandcamp page where all three albums can be found (along with a special even!)... https://mtyankovich.bandcamp.com/

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy what I came up with :smile:


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Been a while. But, here's what will likely be the last single from the album, one with a video made just for it. This one's "A Mother's Last Lullaby (2019)" and it's dedicated to my mother who passed away last year...


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