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OCRI-0014 - X over Zero: Mega Man Metal


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As far back as 2007, I've been really into the idea of writing lyrics to video game OST music, partially inspired by the more parody/humorist lyrics of Brentalfloss and the like, and I wouldn't become aware of The Megas until late 2009. I've always been a massive fan of the Mega Man X series, so it became sort of the mountain I wanted to climb. I felt confident that I could pull it off after writing 5 albums of original music, and wanted to make something to honor the video game music roots I'd come from. Starting from 2016, after discovering the bustling VGM cover scene on YouTube, I started to release my lyrical interpretations of Mega Man X tracks to my YouTube channel and I would often get comments suggesting I cover tunes from the successor series Mega Man Zero. From that point, I knew the framework I wanted to fit an album into.

I wanted to show off a story, in brief, of two characters who were intertwined from the very first moments of Mega Man X until the final scene of Mega Man Zero 4. It took a lot of effort to make sure these all sounded like they were from the same album since, in the midst of the project, I moved to a new house *and* completely changed my recording philosophy. The lyrics are all inspired by the game's plot directly and (with just two exceptions) all are sang from the titular character's perspective. I wanted to thank my collaborators, Drummershy and DS for helping fill out some tracks. Thank you to my sister EsperPhoenix and Brandon Snell for contributing some additional vocals to a few of my choirs. HUGE thank you to my wife for putting up with my wailing. Finally, thank you to OverClocked ReMix for helping with this release, and all of *you* for listening.

- Connor Pelkey (Cyril the Wolf)



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