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*NO* Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "Cataclysm"


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OC Remix I'll try my best to follow the instruction on th site for the submission, in case of any missing fields please contact me:

 Personal Information
- ReMixer Name: DuplEx
- Name: Leonardo
- Game: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
- Name of the Arrangment: Cataclysm
- Original name: Song of storms/ Windmill hut
Hope to receive a reply soon,
Farewell DuplEx
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It's an interesting take, for sure.  I've had to listen to it a number of times to try to evaluate it, and it's kind of grown on me.  But it's a bit of a mess.

The main concern I had with it is clutter.  There are a lot of gritty synths occupying the mids, and in the busier sections there's a lot of mud.  Take 0:44-0:58, for example.  There's what sound like 3 different gritty saws there, all competing with each other as well as the percussion (which is itself gritty, being a combined hat and kick, and is causing pumping).  There's a lot going on and it's turning to mush.

Even in less dense sections, balance is off.  For instance, 1:43-1:56 is just lead, bass, and perc, and the lead is getting drowned out.

For all the production concerns I have, this is actually pretty close IMO.  I like the arrangement a lot, and the approach works surprisingly well.  Just play with the levels and EQ a bit so that the individual synths can be heard clearly, especially the lead.  Saw leads can be tricky, especially in a context like this, and need a bit of extra work to get them to pop.

NO (borderline, please resubmit)

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the mastering on this one's pretty not-close overall. even for the style everything is super mashed - it's so over-compressed that the instrument pumping is almost painful. this is a shame because i actually think it's a pretty fun take. i am usually not a huge fan of SFX in remixes but they work in here. i also like the grit overall, but there's just so much mulch being made of most of the synths (especially at ~3:00) that it's hard to really hear what's going on.

i like this arrangement a lot and i like the concept a lot. the mastering is not good and needs a significant rework. if you do that this is an easy vote.




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This arrangement sounds fun.  "Song of Storms" doesn't have much material to work with - so going in a dubstep direction is a simple and effective way to take it, allowing more emphasis on subtractive arranging.  The choice of timbres, which is especially important with this sub-genre, all sound meaty and packed with energy - and with the bass's LFO being on point as well, you've got an overall appropriate palette for the job.

However, the amount of mud and over-compression in the mixdown is overbearing.  I know you want EDM to sound loud, but none of the instruments outside of the percussion and bass have their breathing room and keep bleeding into others.  Consider going back into your parts and seeing if you can make any EQ cuts to give them their wiggle room.  The pumping also makes the drops feel more squashed, so consider weakening the master compressor as well, if there is one.

It's a serviceable track otherwise and does its job on the arrangement side, but as of right now, the mixdown needs another pass.  I hope you get the chance to do just that.

NO (resubmit)

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