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What kind of instrument, VSTi or synth is that?

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This posting should be for questions related to unknown instruments in soundtracks, movies etc. - or related to VSTis, synths and effects that might represent a certain instrument.

To give an example, I just pose the first question.

In the intro for the Remake of Final Fantasy 7 (as well as in the original game) you have a kinda interesting sound at 2:00 in the video of this link:


In the video link for the original game it comes up at 1:22:


Do you have an idea what this kinda rolling or swirling metallic sound in the higher frequency section is or which instrument it could represent?
This sound is really interesting because I can't really remember to have listened to this one anywhere in the real world.



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Yeah, thanks for the answer. ))

Maybe it's really just a modulated synth made with the creative art of sound design for making a sound from another world, but which is also close to the imagination of our real world.

Some of my first thoughts were that it could be a synth which represents some kind of a special percussion instrument or something like that.

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I agree, it sounds like some kind of fizzy saw or maybe even a wavetable thing that's really high up, doing a simple 1, -5, -12 arp and having some filter modulated on it so that only the first note sounds really "fizzy". I feel like I've heard this sound in z3ta+2 and Synth 1 (though obviously that's not what he used here).

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