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  1. Nice and chill. It's not the kind of track that benefits from being nearly 6 minutes long, I would say some of the middle section could be cut to make it more succinct, as it gets a little repetitive. Drums are a bit overpowering, and I think the kick would sound better with less thump and more presence for this style of music. Snare sounds a little boxy also.
  2. I like it overall, good sci-fi feel to it. A few things stood out; The piano sort of sounds like it's sitting on top of everything else rather than mixed in, could do with some reverb maybe. Same with the vocal part at the end (though I'd reconsider using that at all). I'd have used a different snare sound, though that's more a stylistic thing. Also think the drums are a little overpowering for this kind of track.
  3. I really feel like I've heard that sound somewhere before, maybe in other games (not played FF7)... I don't think it represents any instrument, it's simply an effect produced by a synth with some kind of modulation.
  4. An easy way to check the sub-bass is in mono is to use an EQ which has a side-only processing mode, which only affects stereo content. Melda has a free EQ which does that. Yeah, there could also just be a build up of frequencies in a certain range causing resonance. Can't really be sure without seeing the EQ. Pretty much yeah. Bass generally has some mid range/high-mids content that gives it presence/definition. Depends what you want for the song, if you don't want it to be so defined that's valid too.
  5. No problem, happy to give some advice, though I'm by no means an expert. Bass is one of the hardest things to get right in a mix, this is just stuff I've learnt from studying and many hours of wrestling with it. So the bass no longer dominates, but it lacks definition overall. I think the problem may be too much sub-bass e.g. ~60Hz and below, and not enough of the 100-200 range which gives bass it's "punch", if balanced in the right way. It sounds like you possibly don't have the sub-bass in mono as well? This helps keep it in control. This article explains, and has other good tips: www.izotope.com/en/learn/5-ways-to-boost-bass-in-a-mix.html Yeah that HyperX headset is for gaming, so it'll likely have an exaggerated low-end which would explain the bass issue, you'll want a pair designed for audio work for better results. Also here's a useful guide for general EQ:
  6. The kick certainly sounds better, that and the snare are more in-your-face. The highs are more noticeable too, but there's still the bassline which still sounds boomy. What headphones or monitors do you use to mix?
  7. Nice tune, a lot going on so it doesn't get boring. I found the low-end a bit overpowering and loose, not well controlled. It could do with some brightness, boosting the hi-hats and adding air to the arps could help.
  8. I liked it enough without vocals, wouldn't say it needs them at all.
  9. Very cool, creepy vibes. I assume you mix and master it yourself?
  10. No problem. If you want I can look at any other projects you have and help you out with mixing/mastering, I like having the practice and helping out fellows musicians.
  11. Hey, I really like the track. Reminds me of the Crimson Tide theme song, nice memorable melody. Couple of things: The bass needs taming. It's resonating quite a bit and is overpowering at times, kinda ruins the mix. A boost to the highs would do it good too.
  12. Hello, I've made a remix of a song by Alphadeus (https://soundcloud.com/alphadeus), a composer who makes lots of videogame-inspired music in various styles. This is my favourite of his tracks, I had fun remixing it. You can hear the original track here:
  13. Nice idea. This is the most synthwave-y track I've done. Could do with a spruce-up in terms of mix and master, though don't know when/if I'll get round to that.
  14. Ah, not played that one. I just use the stock Cubase synths, nothing fancy.
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