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Final Fantasy 13 - Eidolons on Parade


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I like the arrangement of this mix. However, there are some issues with the instrument/drum choices.

Let's start with the drums.

First off is the initial kick. It is over powering the mix, causing it to stand out. If you only used the softer kick starting at 0:40, that would be much better. Second is the hi hat. I like the panning, but it is too loud, try lowering it just a bit.

Now onto the instruments. Alot of the are very soundfonty and midi like. Almost like you played them through a 90s roland midi machine. Very vanilla, ie: they have no fx added to it to make them fuller.
With some good FX mixing, you can even make that sax sound good. Everything just sounds like it's being played raw in a sound studio.

Lastly, is the how some sections sound very bare. In some areas (mostly the 1:01 to 1:40 mark), it sounds bare. But this may be from synth/fx choices. There just doesn't sound like there is enough going on with that bass and drum beat moving the mix along. I really like the break at 1:46 to 2:04 though. 

You have a good foundation in the arrangement, but needs some more work. Good start!

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Thanks for feedback. Helped a lot.


Adjusted eq to clean things up more in low end and remove harshness on hihats, sax and some of the synths. This helped the hihats stick out less.

Introduced either chorus or delay effects to most sounds and a longer reverb that only the sax uses in addition to the reverb that almost everything already had, which is now shorter. 

Tried using softer kick that stars at 0:40 for  the intro aswell but it didn't meld well with it, probably because the intro has a bit more energy to it so the softer kick felt out of place. However, I Adjusted eq and lowered the fader levels for the kicks in general so they're less overpowering.

Pitched down one of the synths at the beginning by an octace so it clashs less with another. Filled out the middle part of the song by adding a couple more intruments.

Same link.

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Was doing some over high-passing that was hurting some of the synths so I've dragged those back but still tried to control the low mid frequencies.
Went back to having synth effects be less noticeable but increased overall reverb for everything. 
Exported a WAV and then converted it to mp3 with Audacity as its encoder does a better job with these sounds at 192kbps than the Cubase encoder.

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