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Hi everyone,


Very new to music production and no musical background etc just fancied a dabble in fl studio, I am very passionate about early Sega games and 16 bit games in general.

As one of my favorite games Streets of rage was always the epitome of beat-em-ups for me, additionally i grew up in the 80's when synth sound tracks such as  crockets theme or Axel F were popular so i wanted to smash the two together.


Please be kind, this is a work in progress and just ideas at present.

Streets Of Rage - Moon beach Waves






Aka Genesis1983

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Sorry it took so long to get to this, welcome to the workshop! Always good to find some synthwave. I'm not really familiar with the mechanics of the genre, but I like what I'm hearing. I think you might be laying on a little heavy with the higher frequencies of this piece, particularly in the later half of the song. Still some good work here, nice work!

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This has some good synthwave vibes for sure! Right now, I only have two issues with it. First is that kick. It's way too harsh for the style I'm getting from the rest of the mix. It has too much "punch", more suiting to 80s/90s EDM. Second, like Souperion mentioned, is the EQ balancing. Way too much high. Needs more middle and slightly more low (outside of that kick).

Good start!

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