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Red Dead Redemption Orchestral Medley

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Hey there,

I'm thinking of submitting this piece, and would be curious to get some opinions on it. It's an orchestral rendition of various themes from RDR infused with a bit of a rock vibe here and there.

Getting brass samples to sound good is the holy grail for me, so I'd appreciate getting some insights into how off the mark I am. Thanks for your time


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Cheers mate. There is a bit of variance (early/late notes) thrown into some of the notation in an effort to make it sound believable, but perhaps it's overdone. Is it the violins (left) or the cellos/bass (right) that you think sounds overly panned?

Thanks for the feedback!

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Regarding the stumbling brass, it mostly has to do with the attack time of the samples being too long for the speed you want them to play. 

The panning issue is most obvious in the low strings to the right. I know that's where they are sitting in the orchestra, but at least in headphones it sticks out a bit too much IMO.

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