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  1. I did a big symphonic arrangement of Dancing Mad. Any feedback/criticism is welcome!
  2. I did H’aanit’s Theme in a big band-style arrangement. It was a tough one with the amount of live instruments, but I’m curious to know what people think. Enjoy!
  3. I hashed this together over the course of 3 evenings, I know it’s rough around the edges, but I’m curious to hear feedback regardless. Thanks for listening!
  4. Here's a big orchestral medley I did a while back, featuring the Majora's Mask/Incarnation/Wrath themes. Any feedback, thoughts on the arrangement/production would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for listening
  5. Here’s a cover I did for a Pokemon Gold/Silver fan remix. Curious to know what folks think!
  6. Celebrating Women’s Month with an orchestral medley for the OG leading lady! Enjoy
  7. Here's an orchestral cover I did quite a while back, and am just getting round to uploading now. I like to think I've improved in the meantime In any case, if anyone has some feedback on this one, I'd love to hear it. Thanks for listening!
  8. There's actually nothing live here, it's all VSTs. I appreciate the feedaback, I'll take a second look at the piano vst that was in use here. Totally agreed on the bass guitar, personally I think that's the biggest problem in retrospect. Thanks for listening!
  9. Cheers mate! Haha, to be honest, I struggle with spatial stuff in my mixes, as I have to mix with headphones by necessity most of the time. I recently got a set of DT 990s that I'm hoping will help me identify spatial issues a bit easier. Thnx for the feedback!
  10. This is the track that made want to get into music production Curious to hear any feedback!
  11. Here’s a piece I’ve wanted to cover for a while now. Mixing was particularly challenging for this one due to the number of instruments at play, so any feedback on the result is appreciated!
  12. A little something I did recently, please enjoy! Feel free to provide feedback.
  13. I made an orchestral medley out of a couple Chrono Cross themes. Any feedback is welcome, and thanks for listening!
  14. Here’s a piece I’ve been working on. It proved a little tricky with the number of different instruments so I’d be curious to hear any opinions on how it turned out. Thanks for listening!
  15. I did a ballroom waltz cover of a couple popular MM2 tracks, please enjoy!
  16. This is a super cool contest to take part in, and I had a blast putting my entry together. If anyone has any feedback, I’d love to hear it.
  17. Hi there, I made an orchestral medley consisting of Area 6, Venom Airspace, and Space Armada from Starfox. Enjoy! Starfox Orchestral Medley
  18. Here’s a remix I did this month, trying a combination of heavy bass and synth beats supporting high strings, with some brass sitting in the middle. Please enjoy! Super Mario Galaxy: Melty Molten Galaxy Remix
  19. Cheers mate. There is a bit of variance (early/late notes) thrown into some of the notation in an effort to make it sound believable, but perhaps it's overdone. Is it the violins (left) or the cellos/bass (right) that you think sounds overly panned? Thanks for the feedback!
  20. Hey there, I'm thinking of submitting this piece, and would be curious to get some opinions on it. It's an orchestral rendition of various themes from RDR infused with a bit of a rock vibe here and there. Getting brass samples to sound good is the holy grail for me, so I'd appreciate getting some insights into how off the mark I am. Thanks for your time
  21. I recreated this piece following feedback from the judges, mainly to try make it sound more natural/believable. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/uiIPCeWdBd8
  22. Cheers mate, I appreciate the feedback! Those brass sounds are all default EastWest libraries with the Spaces plugin, I wanted to test out how fast I could put something together from scratch and get a decent sound. That Spaces plugin seems to go a long way.
  23. Here's a piece I've been looking to do an orchestral remix of for a while. Please enjoy! Feel free to give any feedback.
  24. To expand on this, you could also try giving Eastwest a go. It offers a subscription service, where you can get access to tons of good samples for a monthly fee, instead of splashing out crazy amounts right out of the gate. In any case, BenEmberly you've done a stellar job with this piece, superb instrumentation, and an obviously matured and learned approach. If you don't mind me asking, how do you go about putting something like this together? Do you jot down everything to piano, or start with a particular instrument, and prove out that entirely? I'm curious to see what approach other folks use to generate their compositions, I tend to be fairly pell-mell lol.
  25. Thanks very much! Regarding the part where you were thrown off (drums at the start of Kraid's Lair), do you reckon something like this would be better handled by having the woodwinds playing the rhythm come in stronger first, before the drums? When I spend a while working on a piece like this, I tend to become 'deaf' to issues like this sometimes, so feel free to expand on what you reckon the problem is, it really helps! Thanks for listening and commenting!
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