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  1. To expand on this, you could also try giving Eastwest a go. It offers a subscription service, where you can get access to tons of good samples for a monthly fee, instead of splashing out crazy amounts right out of the gate. In any case, BenEmberly you've done a stellar job with this piece, superb instrumentation, and an obviously matured and learned approach. If you don't mind me asking, how do you go about putting something like this together? Do you jot down everything to piano, or start with a particular instrument, and prove out that entirely? I'm curious to see what approach other folks use to generate their compositions, I tend to be fairly pell-mell lol.
  2. Thanks very much! Regarding the part where you were thrown off (drums at the start of Kraid's Lair), do you reckon something like this would be better handled by having the woodwinds playing the rhythm come in stronger first, before the drums? When I spend a while working on a piece like this, I tend to become 'deaf' to issues like this sometimes, so feel free to expand on what you reckon the problem is, it really helps! Thanks for listening and commenting!
  3. I made this piece for a contest on Reddit, please enjoy!
  4. Hey folks, there's a contest being held on a subreddit for covers of battle themes for games, so I decided to throw my lot in with this piece. Please enjoy!
  5. Thanks! Between this and the other piece I posted here, getting the brass notes to sound a bit more varied in velocity was a common issue that came up, so I'll be sure to sort that out in the future. Thanks again for your input. Cheers! Yeah Youtube seems tough to get some traction on, I'll add some more tags like you mentioned. I've got a Soundcloud too, but that seems similarly quiet. To be honest, every time I look at the Youtube video I'm sickened by the shoddy image (ie. the composition and layout, not Toriyama's work naturally) that I set as the video's background. I suspect it does no favours for the video's potential viewership. It serves as a constant reminder not to spend multiple evenings working on something and then cobble together a bad photoshop last minute lol. And yes, pretty much all the instruments in the piece come from EastWest, aside from a few (some synths, the organs) that come by default with Cubase. Glad you liked it!
  6. Hey folks, here's a big ol' piece of music that took far too long to do. I learned a fair bit on how to approach composing/mixing big orchestral pieces like this, especially when there are synths/guitars layered in on top, though I imagine there's plenty to be improved. Let me know what you think, cheers! Chrono Trigger Orchestral Remix - World Revolution / Final Battle / Main Theme
  7. Hi all, I figured I'd post an original piece of music that I did a while back and was fairly happy with. Let me know what you think! Trouble Brewing I've been trying to create as authenticate an Orchestral template as I can in Cubase, using the Eastwest library, so any thoughts on authenticity would be great. Thanks for listening!
  8. Cheers mate, this is great stuff to take onboard. The instrument libraries all come from Eastwest. You're on the money regarding the velocities, they generally remain the same between notes for each part (equal parts laziness and relying on the Eastwest plugins to try add some variance). Regarding your other feedback, I'm not familiar with all the musical terms so this is a useful point to start learning some more. Thanks again!
  9. Mute City - F-Zero Orchestral Remix OCRemix newbie here. I recently got into putting bits of music together and it's quite a lot of fun. I submitted this piece already but figured I'd drop it in the forum as well. Let me know what you think!