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Bobby Prince Ukulele Lessons

Meteo Xavier

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Hey pisanos. If you ever wanted the guy who was a Sergeant in Vietnam and then a lawyer and THEN scored half of the most memorable and politically incorrect FPS classics of the 90s to teach you how to play a tiny four-string guitar, your wet dream has come true.

I'm not personally affiliated with this, I just thought it would be a cool thing to post that no one else was going to post. Going to be this coming Sunday at 3:00PM EST.

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Man was in his mid late forties when he scored Keen, Doom, etc, right? It’s like, dude, Rock’n’Roll, am I right? They don’t make em like they used to.


stories, I mean. Nam vet approaching 50 making midi metal in the 90’s for some 20something nerds’ soon to be masterpiece. 
it’s just so cool. 

fuck the industry.


couldn’t watch the video though..

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