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Sonic 2 - Sky Chill Zone


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Brand new to the VGM remixing scene. I started this song forever ago and stalled out. Finally got around to finishing a rough cut (thank you, social distancing) and would welcome some feedback on how to make it more interesting. I'm also kinda bad at telling what needs EQing, so I welcome feedback on that as well. Thanks for listening!


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Well, welcome to the VGM scene. This is a charming little piece, a nice direction for the source. The high and delicate synths nicely make a high atmosphere mood with a gentle flowing to it. really good chilling mood. I'm hearing some kind of static in your mix, not really sure what it's coming from. Check your synths, see if you can isolate the source and purge it. I'm not much good with EQ, but I'd suggest seeing what it sounds like to boost the bass a little bit, since this is a high-frequency heavy piece. Obviously, you don't want too much low sound to ground this flighty mood, but something to even out a bit. Still though, this is nice: about 7 or 13 times better than my first VGM remix. Good work.

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