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Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Elysium in the Blue Sky


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The sounds are quite harsh, considering it's a fairly mellow arrangement. The piano right out of the gate is very jarring - definitely work on humanising and expressing that part a little more naturally, and dropping the volume in the mix. The synth in the background 00:14-00:45 sounds a bit like a bagpipe as well - not particularly pleasant to my ear. It gets much nicer from 00:47 with that trancey-style synth dripping in delay, and those nice bells, however the bagpipe soon comes back!

I like the arrangement at the moment, but the sound design could be a lot better. Consider sculpting your synths more with EQ and filtering, maybe add some more voices to the synth, phasing and LFO panning/extra width to envelop the listener in the atmosphere.

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Thanks for feedback.


Adjusted reverb and fader for piano so it's hopefully more realistic. I'm playing all parts by hand already with just slight adjustments to overly sloppy keys, so not sure how else to humanise.

Adjusted parameters of the bagpipe sounding synth so it's less annoying and more atmospheric. Toned down bass synth a bit.

Extended the song. Shifted the key in the new part to match the key of the original "Elysium in the Blue Sky". Will extend a bit more later.

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Was over highpassing most of the sounds so undid that while trying to still keep mix clean with other adjustments. 
Adjusted fader balance in general and reduced loudness of certain parts so limiter stays transparent.

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