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Golden Sun - The Elemental Stars (Epic Uplifting Rework)


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Hi folks,

I wanted to share my interpretation on this theme.
Golden Sun is one of my most loved games, played it when I was a kid and many of you probably know this theme/game, so I think no introduction is needed :) 
Also, I always write original music, so this is my first rework Please be merciful with your judgement!


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Welcome to OCR :)

Pretty epic introduction indeed to your work - it certainly delivers on being uplifting. I really like it! I'm not familiar with the source, but I really like what you've done here. The choir is really nicely implemented and it all sounds pretty natural. Once the piece takes off at 1:21 it's goosebumps time, and then it's a nice outro that sort of reminds me of the end of the Game of Thrones theme, stylistically at least.

No complaints from me, I just wish it were longer!

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