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Remix of OST Tracks For Upcoming Game

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Hello there. I the producer for a little indie game dev with a game coming out soon (i.e. within the next month). It's a short game, but we're releasing the soundtrack to go along with it. Partly thanks to the whole pandemic we've missed a release deadline. To try to make it up to our potential customers and the small, but dedicated, fans we've accrued during this development cycle we were thinking of ways to make it up to them. One thing we're doing is that we were going to include a blooper reel of our voice actors' flubs and ad-libs as part of the 'deluxe edition', but we've decided to release it for free. Another thing is that...we'd like to boost the coolness rating of the soundtrack.

So, anybody want to remix a song or two from a game that's not out, yet?

Here's the sampler for our soundtrack in case you wanted to know what kind of music we're dealing with:

What we're looking for:

Remixer - We're looking for someone to make a neat take on one, or more, of the tracks. Whether it be a techno remix, a vocalized 'with lyrics' kind of thing, a heavy metal version, or maybe you're an awesome player of an unusual instrument and want to make a bangin' kazoo or bagpipes cover. We just want something neat, so we don't have any real style specifications - except that if you are vocalizing, everything's got to be 'SFW'.


Compensation - Hey, let's be honest...we're selling this soundtrack. We're going to be making money from it - you should be, too. So if you want to show some interest in doing a track(s) for us, let us know what kind of prices you're interested in charging. Now, another bit of honesty - my music budget's already spent. I have $0 to work with right now, so I'm chipping into my own cash to pay for this (we're a small company and I'm part owner, so don't feel too much pity for me). As such in lieu of money I can also offer compensation in the form of services if you're more interested in that. My services include writing, narrative consultation, and voice work (and by that I mean, I can help you find and cast actors, I'm junk at VA work personally).


Deadlines - We have the absolute worst deadline, the 'ol ASAP. This game goes live in mid-June and has already been delayed, so we'd like to have all materials ready to go as soon as humanly possible. So if you make awesome stuff, but it takes six months to make it...then feel free to still make it, if you're inclined, we just can't wait for you with our checkbook's open, if you get my drift. If you think you can get the work done in a matter of a few weeks, or less, especially for all the more we can offer in compensation then you're our kind of people.


How This Will Work:

So since we're offering payment (either via paypal or via comparable service, your choice) - if you've got an idea you'd like to suggest, go ahead and suggest it. Preferably with a sample or some guidance as to what you're proposing so we know for sure what we're getting into. If we like the angle you're taking and the price you're asking for, then we can come to an agreement.

Once we've agreed on bringing you into things then once you deliver the track in question to us (along with permission to include on the OST, of course) we'll pay the agreed upon amount or service.

Any questions, bring 'em up, I like questions. Or if you're interested in joining this little project, let us know. We want to make this stuff as good for our players as we can.

Oh! And of course, all work is credited.

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I've got too much work as it is, but I'm addicted to inquiring further anyway. Any chance you or your composer have any .mid files of these compositions or could rig up the main meat of the non-rhythmic content in the tracks? It would make remixing (for myself and for others) a hell of a lot easier and cut down on time.


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Unfortunately we do not have a pre-made midi format for anything, I apologize. We don't have an actual audio person on staff and we outsourced our composition.

That said, I attempted some midi conversions on my own. If they help with anything, that's great. But in all honesty, we've basically hit my own expertise limit on this front. Haha. Sorry.

Midis: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bIGaP8aAHw47BTtKQRfSnLinH9rGiSrC

Glad to see there's some interest in this, though. :)

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