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General Grunt

The "We had Nothing to do with the War" Polka

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An instrumental of a new Hindenburger commercial song I'm proud of the arrangement and lyrics. Someone pointed out it sounds like a Mel Brooks song which is the intention. I still have to record the lyrics. But let me know what you think!

Eat at the Hindenburger

Our burgers are renown from shore to shore

Ve may be very strict

und our food may make you sick

But we had nothing to do with the war!

No sir!


“Burgers Burgers, made of pony guts

Spleens und organs und their butts!”


Eat at the Hindenburger

Soon Ponies vill pester us no more

Animal cruelty

Over here's a guarantee!

But we had nothing to do with the war!

No sir!

We have a variety sasagues

Und a schizerload of beers!

We'll murder all the animals on god’s green earth


Uhhh figuratively speaking of course...heh heh.


Eat at the Hindenburger

Everyone beware cuz we’re on tour !

The best burgers in the world

Made from the heads of little girls!

But we had nothing to do with the war!

Eat at the Hindenburger

We assure you it's just ketchup and not gore

(Bull Shit!)

We may have zero stars on Yelp

I may need psychiatric help!

But we had nothing to do with the WAAAAAAAR!


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