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  1. Mini Album Idea: The Gamer’s Hornpipe This was a spur of the moment concept that is too stupid NOT to make a reality. A compilation 7 track mini Album of random game themes arranged as good old fashioned sea shanty’s. I was so inspired by the idiocy of it that I even came up with the track names and did a couple of demos. Then I was even more inspired and did a mockup of the album art. The “Shark Captain” is just a character I made up, when I sing in a pirate voice I usually use some kind of shark character for the visual. I was going to do all of it myself but I think this would be a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with this great community. Tracklist: I came up with the ridiculously cheap puns for the track names first. 2 of which I made midi demos of. The ones that are in italic have a base and I would love for a collaborator to give input on them. 1: The Wreck of the Gangplank Galleon (Gangplank Galleon maybe with lyrics? Instrumental would work as well) 2: Row Row Robotnik’s Boat ( Sonic The Hedgehog 2: Boss theme. I have a one minute demo of this I did, and I want to collaborate on making it longer. This one is instrumental) 3: Tifa Has Nice Buoys (Tifa’s Theme: I have the demo and lyrics written, I just need more realistic instruments and arrangement input) 4: Theme From StarBob FoxPants (Any Star Fox Track, I’ll let the arranger decide based on the title) 5: Blow the Rayman Down (Any Rayman Track. Instrumental or Lyrics is acceptable) 6: The Great Mighty Poopdeck (Sloprano From Conker’s Bad Fur Day. I may write/Collaborate with the lyrics, I have some ideas ) 7: Call of Booty: Chicken of the Sea (Any Call of Duty Track. Instrumental or Lyrics is Acceptable) NEEDS: **Ripped off (lovingly) from the Paths Less Travelled thread to use as template.** Arrangers/Remixers to conceptualize and complete remixes. This is where the bulk of the work will be. Anybody who would like to take part is welcome. Performers who are experienced with any type of instrument and have a high-quality recording setup. Ideally instruments associated with sea shantys. Hornpipe, Accordion etc. Sound Designers/Audio Support/Mixing/Mastering interested in mastering and sound design for the project. also to provide support or collaborate with remixers who are new or inexperienced at mixing. Artwork: I’ll draw the art myself but if anyone wants to collaborate on coloring and effects and even have ideas, let me know. A Co-Organizer because I never have started an album project here before. So I need someone to help with deadlines, organizing everything, and generally putting it all together. If you're interested in contributing to one or more of the above areas, please post here, or DM me. Genre Guidelines The Genre here is Sea Shantys! Specifically old Sailor tunes or folksy pirate music. Some tracks I want to have lyrics to, and I can provide the vocal/pirate voice for that. I have one set of lyrics I wrote myself but the rest of the lyrical ones I give full permission to write and get creative. Minamalist songs (with one are 2 instruments) are perfectly fine too. A lot of these songs did have that. Shanty Examples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EFfK3vhwdA&list=PL1F9wpvVI3twCXdj-O9SDXO2tz0k2GlJ9&index=2 Deadlines Deadlines will be handled on a case-by-case basis but IDEALLY I’d love to actually get this done and released by Septemer 19th which is Talk Like a Pirate day. That’s really it. Maybe I can spark some insanity amongst the OCremix community and get some old school sailing vibes flowing. Batten down the sheet music, we’re gonna need a bigger note! Row Row Robotniks Boat.mp3 Tifa Has Nice Buoys.mp3
  2. A WIP arrangement of the intro theme to American McGee's Grimm. My idea is to go full symphonic and to make it a medley....With Kingdom Hearts. Since that series has Disney Characters in it which obviously most of which are from fairy tales, I figure it would be a grand opportunity to twist and distort some of its soundtrack into this twisted waltz. I'm looking for an arranger and orchestration for this. I'll be providing the main vocal. Anyone think they'd be interested in a collaboration? American McGees Grimm Theme cover demo.mp3
  3. Thats one of the best compliments in regards to my voice acting I've ever seen. Thank you so much
  4. I'm glad you like it! I went for more of a mark hamil joker voice but with my own twist. Funny, this is the 2nd crazed theme park owner voice I did. The other one for my original series sounds like a mix of Judge Doom and Woody Woodpecker. I absolutley love how this mix turned out, DarkSim did an amazing job with the music and sound effects and really made my vocals pop!
  5. https://www.game-grooves.com/blog/happy-kroctoberfest Holy crap GameGrooves did a write up on it!!! (Dave Wise also Commented on it too!)
  6. Its finished! Complete with derange puppet music video. Is this submission worthy though? That is the question?
  7. Lots of references in this, I won't say what my favorite one is but I hid it in there. just a WIP that I may or may not continue.
  8. Thanks! Just submitted my insanity. Hopefully it fits the requirements since I took some liberties arranging it.
  9. No problemo! I have an account so...if I can remember my login I'll upload it there when its done!
  10. Well golly, I just finished a draft of mine...What's the deal with sharing the entry? Can we share them here or do we upload and share privately?
  11. I'd love to join this if it aint too late...(*Grabs the lehderhosen...sigh...I know what I must do.)
  12. Wow! I've heard Al is a chill guy. I've never met him but I want to one day. Also: Aside from Yodeling, the arrangement is pretty good.
  13. What is it with me and Polka!? Anyhoo. I did this as a DOD entry but I'm gonna go in a new direction with it. I really want to add some yodeling (which I cannot find any male yodelers) and some live polka instruments if anyone is interested. I threw a tad bit of references to Weird Al in there as well.
  14. A ride so outdated its scary. I'll make a music video for this eventually. My Mixing sucks. Lyrics: Shark Pirates Haunted Marina Shark Pirate: Yo ho! Yo ho! Ahoy and thar she blows! We’re the spirits Of shark pirates Yo Ho! Yo Ho! Yo Ho! Yo ho! Yo ho! Ahoy and thar she blows! We’re the spirits Of shark pirates Yo Ho! Yo Ho! Yo Ho! We’re Piratey Sharks We glow in the dark What a Stupid idea I drink tequila In a haunted marina This ride was a stupid idea YO HO! Finn: Yo ho! Yo ho! Ahoy and thar she blows! We’re the spirits Of shark pirates Yo Ho! Yo Ho! Yo Ho! Yo ho! Yo ho! Ahoy and thar she blows! We’re the spirits Of shark pirates Yo Ho! Yo Ho! Yo Ho! This ride’s only fun For anyone Who likes ghosts and sharks And unrealistic portrayals of pirates In amusement parks! YO HO! Gill: Yo ho! Yo ho! Ahoy and thar she blows! We’re the spirits Of shark pirates Yo Ho! Yo Ho! Yo Ho! Yo ho! Yo ho! Ahoy and thar she blows! We’re the spirits Of shark pirates Yo Ho! Yo Ho! Yo Ho! There’s only one Shark movie that’s fun It still holds up today, And also Batman When he had a can Of shark repellant bat spray YO HO! Yo ho! Yo ho! Ahoy and thar she blows! We’re the spirits Of shark pirates Yo Ho! Yo Ho! Yo Ho! We’re the spirits Of shark pirates Yo Ho! Yo Ho! Yo Ho! Yo Ho! Yo Ho! Yo Ho!
  15. Well...I did Bavarian Kackle, I guess another polka wouldn't hurt. Only a demo for now. I'm seriously toying with either starting a Donkey Kong Polka remix Album Project OR doing it myself. I threw a tad of the "Beer Barrel Polka" in there, since It fit well. The next version will be better instruments, this was just a test arrangement.
  16. An orchestral suite of my self composed character themes arranged by my friend Simon Bergeron! Let me know your thoughts, and which one's your favorite!
  17. I MAY have something... Anyone here think they can help me mix/master the final thing?
  18. So I have a series on youtube I've been working on for years. I started making the music a few years ago. Inspired by the Grant Kirkhope way, I have one central theme (Grunt's theme above) that is arranged to fit each character. Grunt's theme is an evil Russian march. It has lyrics found here: Next up, Col. Von Hindenburger's waltz. I figured out a way to make a cuckoo clock an instrument. It represents his decent into utter madness. Empress Pyrella is Grunt's wife. This is probably the best of the themes since I transformed the main Grunt theme into a gothic baroque symphony. I particularly like the theremin. Grunt the Inhaler is General Grunt's dad, and this is basically a take on Castlevania music right down to the title. And finally the Ticket Taker's theme. I transformed the sinister march into a major key, and warped it into a demented disney tune. All the instrument samples were updated by my friend Ian Rees, but the arrangements and composition were mine. Let me know your thoughts and which ones you like the best
  19. So the official title will be "Bavarian Kackle", and since its been 2 months and I havn't gotten feedback from an evaluator I figure I'd bump this. Also Happy Halloween ja!.
  20. Well I guess I should write those lyrics and music to my DK64 Frantic Factory "Island of Misfit Toys" idea...
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