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iPod problems

Squire Cd

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Anyone else having iPod problems?

I got a silver nano.

It froze yesterday so I left it overnight and it unfroze in the morning.

It froze today about 5 hours ago and is still frozen.

So is this a common problem? I've never heard or seen anywhere an iPod freezing.

I went to apple.com and they showed how to reset the iPod to unfreeze it and I can't even do that.

Also, I just noticed its getting warm.

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so holding the center button + menu button for 10 seconds doesn't work?

lol, do you have the hold button on?

if not, then I've seen this happen before, and the ipods it's happened to run just fine other than the time or two that this happens. (I have a two year old ipod that it's happened twice on, a long time back)

so I'd say keep it a few days, if it happens again, send it in.

unless the retailer'll swap it for you, in which case I'd say just do that.

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I deal with iPods on an almost daily basis.

If the reset wont work, try restoring or updating the firmware. Only restore if you cant update, as you will need to resync your iPods from iTunes.

Simple as that. If that doesnt work, then tak it back to the shop./ Most stores have a straight swap policy for iPods as they send them back and get credit for each faulty one they return. If not, Apples own return policy should suffice.

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