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  1. OK, sensible answer here. Media Center Edition is almost exactly like XP Pro but with the added media center capabilities. I personally dont see any reason why you would have any problem with it working in Media Center Edition. In the time that all 3 versions have been out Ive never ever heard of any end user software or hardware being incompatible with one version or another. Basically, they say its not supported. That means they dont recognise it as a platform they have tested the keyboard on. That does not mean it wont work. I run 64 bit XP and theres plenty of stuff thats "not supported" that i happily run on here. So yeah, dont worry and buy the keyboard
  2. Make sure you have the slave/master jumper settings on each drive selected correctly. That is the main problem for ANY IDE drive to not work out of the box.
  3. Yeah it sounds like the sampling rates to me. Burn the troublesome files to an audio CD then rip it into iTunes. That should solve the trick. Best software for burning audio to disc? Winamp if you bought the full version or Nero (or equivalent)
  4. Sounds like the least hassle way would be a reformat. Seriously, ditch ZoneAlarm and Norton. They cause more problems than they solve, and also cause a lot of scaremongering. Get AVG and use only the windows firewall. Thats all I have ever used.
  5. I deal with iPods on an almost daily basis. If the reset wont work, try restoring or updating the firmware. Only restore if you cant update, as you will need to resync your iPods from iTunes. Simple as that. If that doesnt work, then tak it back to the shop./ Most stores have a straight swap policy for iPods as they send them back and get credit for each faulty one they return. If not, Apples own return policy should suffice.
  6. That was the worst thing you could have ever done EVER when setting up a brand new motherboard with Wifi. IF there is a reset switch, it needs pushing whether you like it or not. If there isnt a reset switch, you need to be resetting either the bios, or uninstalling/reinstalling the Wifi software and drivers which should bring them back to their original settings and state. Then, you want to be setting up a SECURED network. You live in a dorm for christs sake. Almost everyone knows how to steal internet in a dorm and some even know how to be a nuisance to the unsuspecting owner with it. On another note, maybe your laptop is trying to connect to a wifi device that isnt your motherboard. Maybe your device has the same name as another device in the area, and they decided security was a good idea. You never know.
  7. An original idea from "a bunch of freelance web designers" that was actually noticed by a "higher quality" "corporation with actual, you know, funding" which was taken and used in their own product and then marketed as a completely new and fresh web browsing experience. I know what that says to me. Pffft, yeah those freelancers and open sources really need ot get their act together. [/rant]
  8. I would like to add to The Coop's awesome post by suggesting probably the most useful tool you can use with DOSBox; D-Fend is a frontend program for DOSBox which basically makes all the tweaking for individual games so much easier. It does this by first selecting the .exe file that you want to be run in DOSBox. It then lets you select which drives and folder you would like mounting, also letting you choose whether you want it to be a HDD, CDROM or floppy. Lastly, all the individual tweaks such as CPU cycles, sound settings, frame skips etc can be messed around with, all without touching the .conf file. I know most of you are OK with tweaking files rather than getting a program to do it for you, the but the feature that really does make D-Fend almost essential is that it sets up each game indiviually. Every different game will need to be tweaked differently, so rather than remember each tweak for each game or keep 50 different .conf files, you just double click the game in the frontend, and if Im not mistaken, can also make a shortcut to that game, with all the tweaks included.
  9. Yeah I'm getting that. I'm using BitTornado. A little help anybody?
  10. if this doesnt work someone will have to tell me why
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