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Chrono Trigger Theme in Piano

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Wow, this is beautiful. I really enjoyed listening to it. I only have two problems with it.

First off, your piano sounds sorta out of tune to me. I don't know if that's what it is, it just sounds like some pianos I've played before that were out of tune.

The other thing is that the ending is just to sudden. It seems like with a piece this beautiful it shouldn't just jolt to an end. You should make an ending that will match the rest of the song and leave listners thinking about how beautiful that was instead of "where did the music go?". This is just my opinion though, it doesn't have to be changed.

But other than those two, the recording quality seems pretty decent and the arrangment itself is just amazing. Good Job!

And if your still looking for names the only one I could think of while I was listening to it was "Morning of a New Sun".

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I totally agree with you. The last time the piano was tuned was during the summer, and it may need another tuning again. Theres nothing like the sound of a freshly tuned piano =).

I feel like the production is not up to par with the other piano remixes on this site. I can't get the recording to be any louder without getting clipping. Is there any way to get around that?

I've never noticed that the ending was short. Thats just how the song ends in the original version, so it always seems natural to me. But I guess what you're saying makes sense, a more thorough ending could do the song some justice. I will attempt to make the ending original.

That is a really interesting name - it reminds me a lot of Melody of Oblivion, which is an anime series. I'll think about it =P

Thanks for the comments!

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This is nice, and your performance is good as well. I don't have many complaints with this other than the fact that this is pretty close to the original arrangement. I noticed a few things that you did differently, but for the most part it's fairly close.

Once you create a more original arrangement, I don't think you should have too much to worry about from there. This is a pretty good quality recording, other than the fact that piano seems to be out of tune.

I can't think of any names for this, but I really like the title that Gimgak suggested.

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Hm, the tuning appears to be pretty evident at the beginning of the piece.

However, as the piece goes on, I didn't really notice it anymore. Whether or not it's a major deterrent... it's debatable.

Your playing is very good, but what about:blank said about the arrangement was kind of true, it sounds very similar to the original, but I think for a piano arrangement, what's there in the piece constitutes enough as an arrangement. Which, essentially means that the piece's transcription to the piano in the first place is what the arrangement IS.

Oh and, I also felt that the ending was abrupt, but for reasons of the final note cutting off. There's absolutely no resonance, it just feels like the lingering note is cut off from the recording.

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