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  1. Hooray! Just one night after being amazed by watching Jillian perform live in front of a crowd of 5,500 odd people down here in Melbourne, with the MSO, I'm so pleased to find a zircon album here for my listening pleasure. Been a while since I've visited this site but I'm glad I came back now. PS: SO proud of you Jillian, if you're reading this. It was AMAZING seeing you live. I hope you get to perform in front of many more people, the world needs to hear more of you. PPS: +1 for bandcamp. I hate itunes.
  2. Yay Australia! I second (third?) Radiant Historia. It's just awesome. That game, and Golden Sun, were the two sole reasons I finally got myself a DS.
  3. Excited that it's coming out on Steam so soon. Definite buy for me when it comes out - I would've pre-ordered it too, but there's no point/advantage of pre-ordering it so I'll just wait till it's out.
  4. RedFusion

    Dota 2

    I actually prefer, and was hoping for more of a gritty realistic looking game, similar to HoN's graphics. Sort of don't like the cartoony-looking aspect of it, but I'm sure it'll grow on me, and I haven't seen much of the game other than a few still shots. And Lucy looks sorta cool. Heck, I don't see why I should complain, considering the gazillion hours I've spent on War3. And anyway, at least HoN's free to play if I really want those kind of graphics... heh.
  5. I'm surprised no-one posted about this earlier. It's a great indie game with an incredible soundtrack. That alone is worth the purchase. Oh, it's also a really neat shoot-em-up, arguably the best one on Steam, is a blast with friends, is very accommodating for those new to the genre, and can be extremely difficult for those who want to challenge themselves (Judgement mode anyone?). Highly recommended.
  6. Awesome. Don't remember any of the soundtrack at all, but the game was great.
  7. Anyone know where else I can digitally buy this? I absolutely detest iTunes, and Play-Asia sells it for a ridiculous $31 USD. (or if it's available at a cheaper price from other reputable online store?) I've never played Xenogears, but I feel like I'm already so familiar with its soundtrack just because of OCR. Oh and LOL: this is a quote I found from the gamefaq forums whilst I was looking up MYTH:
  8. Zealous Entropy <3 Haven't heard that in a while. I think I must listen to it now.
  9. Spoilers: (omg I'm using spoiler warnings for a trailer!?) What's crazy is that when you watch it from the beginning again, and knowing that it's the end, is that the family's pretty much doomed, dad's running away, mother's about to be overwhelmed, and not to mention the obvious of the daughter dying. Sad stuff.
  10. Can Activision just f*ck off and die already? Seriously, it screws up so many companies, namely Bizarre Creations and now these guys, they don't deserve to even exist. They're not even worth the air the breathe. Seriously, what do they even have to their name that they've made themselves? They're just leeching off Blizzard, and Blizzard doesn't even need them and that dropkick Kotick. I hope Kotick crashes and burns, rots and lives out his days under a rotten old bridge full of manure.
  11. Wow this is brilliant, from what I've heard. Thank you, good sir.
  12. Absolutely amazing. I loved Morning Thinker when it came out, and hearing the other 10 tracks just made my day. I had never heard of any AC's soundtrack before, but this is a wonderful way to be exposed to it. Thank you, Mattias.
  13. Oooooooh yeah. i loved penultimate. i added it to my wipEout HD playlist, and it makes the game very awesome.
  14. I wish this was available in Australia.
  15. You have a mighty fine beard. Not really interested in giving or receiving any PS3 games at the moment, but I just felt like complimenting your beard.
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