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Final Fantasy Overture (Final Fantasy-Various)


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Hi everybody!

Just wanted to share with you guys the Final Fantasy Overture that's just premiered on YouTube.  It's for a full-scale Orchestra that consists of over a dozen pieces from 9 different FF games, all written by the great Nobuo Uematsu.

This year, I conducted a performance (in part) of The Creation of Hyrule at MAGFest, and in the volunteer Orchestra were members of the Triforce and Videri String Quartets.  As a vote of thanks, I constructed this Overture for String Octet, but then thought about Orchestrating it for a Full Orchestra.  This is that full Orchestra Version, accompanied by a video of my own making.  Please enjoy!

DISCLAIMER:  Music is by Nobuo Uematsu and Yoko Shimomura, all visuals are of in-game footage/cutscenes.



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Man, two things I absolutely love to always have a sit down and listen to: FF music and orchestral renditions of video game songs, and this one does both!

As soon as I heard the opening bars leading into the FF Prelude / Opening Theme, I got that spine-tingling feeling again as I did when I was a kid sat down playing SNES FF IV (the first of the series I played) on my own, stereo up high on the TV.

Unfortunately, busyness pulled me away from hearing the rest, but tonight I am going to take a sit down to read the text thoroughly and listen to the whole thing! You've got another subscriber here, and it's always wonderful to see a full band group performing stuff from movies, TV, and games, and not just the normal, traditional minutes and sernades. That said, I did get to read some of the text and your story of how the group got together so quick and on the cuff before Magfest, with so little time to coordinate and practice, and did this suite--it's astounding. Will and must hear more, and will comment more when I do! :D

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