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  1. More Subtle Mood version (9a). Went back and forth on whether to keep the dissonance in the part where the Raise Thy Sword melody appears in full. I liked it in concept, but it didn't feel like the part where it came in as we knew the Raise Thy Sword melody for really got its due moment. Was thinking in trying to get the idea of machines that were a little too human for everyone's good, this meant I should rethink the instruments, and after getting feedback from a friend, I took the GrossBeat off the harmonies in some parts. These ended up cutting down the density of the sound but st
  2. Expanded Version (Version 8d) is now done. Changed how the transitions were, but also built up the harmonies to have more of shared elements in the second half. I usually edit out the smaller versions in my posts, but I want to keep it for reference in case anyone is curious to what changes between the small versions. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  3. Expanded Version (Version 8c) has that Raise Thy Sword sound we all know and love in the latter half, but I do have more in mind for how the harmonies are going to be. A few transitions between parts that are a bit rough at the moment, but I'll figure it out.
  4. In thinking about this, I really want to add more of Raise Thy Sword in as a bridge like part...so moving this back to a work in progress. 11.8k views on the topic tells me there's a bit of interest in this, and I don't want to let you down. Plus there's a bit more that can be made from this. Again, any feedback is welcome. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, So this has been some of the stuff I was working on before posting here. It's a personal project (still in the works), and studying composition and posting remixes is part of me trying to study up and make better tunes. The project is pretty much my love letter to the arcades and games of the 90's and early 2000's, and the scenario I am prepping is my love letter to the absurdity that came up in game design. Personally, I think '16 Bit Drift' is my favorite of the stuff I made, but I am also fond of how 'Fist of Fighting' sounds like it's from an off brand Street Fi
  6. Thanks! In thinking about the direction I wanted to go on this one, I realized the base was pretty lacking, so I put emphasis on that and the percussion. Wanted to build on the idea of machines built to be rooted in humanity, but not quite there before left to their own devices. In developing that feel, the instruments changed quite a bit between each iteration. (Still hoping it has that airy feel!) Since I used a lot of triplets in this, I started to (look for ways to) play to that, researching some waltzes for how the rhythms are. Mainly because I wanted to have that uneven feeling push
  7. Well dang! You can count me as a new subscriber to your channel...once I finish listening to this! Excellent job! ...I think I might know someone in San Diego who would be a good contact for you. Is it okay to send you a direct message?
  8. Hi everyone, Long time fan of the site (14 years+), first time poster. I wanted to have the dread with 'X the Legend' from the Megaman Zero games but kept hearing bits of 'Raise Thy Sword' from Soul Calibur II in my head as I would hum the melody to see what I might have been missing. This idea started with hearing Jay Reichard's version of X The Legend on VGMusic and realizing it could work as a great base to further studies for harmonies. (Long story short, was a vocalist studying opera, but had an injury that derailed that. So composition isn't my strongest point.) I worked i
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