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The Hourglass Ritual (Prince of Persia SNES "Jaffars Theme", "Final Battle" Dark Psytrance remix) [HAPPY HALLOWEEN OCR]


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EDIT (20-10-23): Updated the mix and master as it was very kick and bass heavy. Should be a more balanced sound now.

Updated spooki sounds here

A dark psytrance remix of "Jaffars Theme" and "Final Battle" from Prince of Persia for the SNES. A sampled reference from the original Apple II version of Jafar conjuring forth the hourglass is also present in the song though that's more of a soundeffect than any sort of musical score.

Original composers for the SNES OST are Toshiya Yamanaka and Tetsuya Nakan. The small sampled bit was a melodic sting for the Apple II version written by Francis Mechner, as far as I can discern, alternatively Tom Rettig who did the sound.

I worked myself into kind of a burnout mode with this one which made the song hard to really progress in any meaningful way and complete. I really wanted it done now for Halloween so I focused a lot on it these past weeks but also kind of got worn out since I'm also studying at a university now. However, this still marks quite a leap forward in my psytrance skills. I have much yet to learn about effectwork and really adding proper flourish to my tracks but this one still became quite rich and elaborate.

Enjoy and happy halloween. c:

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Because I like Darkpsy as a style, I decided to listen to your remix. I've never played Prince of Persia so I'm not familiar at all with the sources. 

The sound design is really cool and the atmosphere is sweet in a trippy way. It was a little long but ultimately stayed interesting. The kick was less present than usual but I found that a nice touch. You may need a second opinion but overall, good job.

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Yeah, I definitely need more training when it comes to mixing and mastering, regardless of genre. It's quite difficult and studio-head makes it very hard to do efficiently. Lengthwise, it's a bit long for OCRs recommended 2-7 mins but I wanted it to sort of be as on par with the psytrance and goa stuff released in general where they have rather long intro and outros for mixing purposes.

If you're interested, you can hear the original tracks here in their proper SNES glory.

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