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  1. Seems like a pretty great idea. I would suggest a different take on Lavos as I've already got the death metal angle covered in BA3 for all three Lavos tracks. Obviously just a suggestion, either way I'd be pretty stoked to hear another take on those three tracks as a single project regardless of genre. Btw, the link has a hardbracket at the start and a missing colon.
  2. Oh boy, one out of two! Only Lavos left now and I've contributed my final Badass submission since the first project! :3 Edit: Oh yeah, I'd like to make a new authors note about Monolith of Non-Existence whenever you need those. The old one does not do all my maddeningly excessive work justice. :3
  3. I think you want a specific villain theme or literal boss encounter only songs. An acceptable combo might be for instance using the Danger track from Secret of Mana (its the same for pretty much every boss fight in the game) combined with elements of the dungeon music of the particular place or event a specific boss you'd like to make a track about is relevant to.
  4. Why do I always pick the most massive projects for OC Remix... and why can't Lavos hold all these spawns?
  5. Tindeck stream/download (It's nearly 18 minutes and in 320kbps) Ok, I've worked on and off on this track for a long time but after releasing it I feel like I could use outside perspectives on what I did right/wrong etc. I aim to make another four parts of this project so your feedback would be very useful to avoid repeating any mixing or song-structure mistakes or whatever you feel I could've done better. Opinions, likes/dislikes, deconstruction and analysis, whatever you hear that you think needs to be addressed! ALSO! Guitarists, I'd love to hear what you think about the guitartone and sequencing quality. Thanks. I'll check in from time to time and see if there have been any replies!
  6. My first submission to be YES'd by the OCR judges! Am I an OC Remixer now? Am I? Huh? EDIT: (also, does this mean I can submit a new song for judging or do I have to wait until the current ones gone through processing and added to the site properly?)
  7. This information deflates my hype slightly. :c
  8. I've been anxiously checking this thread daily for any hints of a release date. So curious to see what everyones been cooking up in their badass cauldrons. Also, I have a lot of spare time and slight neurotic tendencies that reinforce this behavior.
  9. i made a psytrance remix of an Unreal Tournament track sometime back. I wanted to do an entire remix project that covered the entire thing plus the original Unreal games soundtrack (i love them both dearly) but it just never took off. give it a listen and include it if its decent enough :3 edit: oh yeah, heres the original. doh.
  10. Hey, folks. I recently finished my instrumental symphonic metal album (started working on it in 2008 and thought I'd give it some attention from the pros so yeah, here it is. Ultima Eternus @ Tindeck (Stream only) Ultima Eternus @ BandCamp (Stream / Purchasable) It's also on Grooveshark and on its way to iTunes, Spotify, etc... Now sure, it'd be nice if I got a few extra sales here, but I'm also interested in what you think of it in terms of composition, mixing, mastering, etc. What was good, what was bad and why. It is however 65 minutes in total split over 5 tracks with the final one being a big old 24m 55s so it's understandable if you wanna pass. :3 The feedback is important since I'm working on a sequel and as this is allready out the door and on its way, if i screwed up somewhere, then I would definitely keep that in mind for the sequel project but I really can't see the forest for the trees with this one anymore. I think I've probably spent over 1000 hours of work on it. Anyway, it's also downloadable on my Newgrounds profile for free but only in VBR mp3 quality. So, enjoy and tell me what you think!
  11. I've listened to OCRemix submissions for many years now and just wanted to thank the community for being such a well of inspiring and talented people. You guys all make the world a better place to live in. Thank you.
  12. love the mellow atmosphere with the relatively upbeat tempo and slightly glitchy dnb. though it may need some high pad floating over the lead or some such. just my thoughts on it. good stuff either way. especially love the snare work close to the end!