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  1. Did a track a ways back for a Newgrounds competition and thought I'd post it here to see if anyone has feedback or opinions about it. Enjoy! c: Soundcloud!
  2. Remade this all from the ground up and worked obsessively for the last handful of days with it. Any suggestions for improvement are very welcome! c: Soundcloud!
  3. Theres almost a jazzy noir feel to this. Very interesting work. c:
  4. It's got a beautifully warm sub to it and sounds crystal clear in my headphones. Maybe you want some more people to weigh in first but I think it's a pretty great track. My opinion is it's always worth submitting to OCR. If I hadn't submitted my track "Lights Out" here (which got thoroughly rejected) I probably would've never heard the necessary feedback I needed to rethink how I approached my work. I distinctly remember an initial phrase from a judge along the lines of "Holy compression hell!" (I've since eased up a bit on compressors...) The nali chant at 2:45 was a great addition, btw,
  5. https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/975054 Estrayk wrote the original Her11.mod the proper oldschool way using Protracker on an Amiga. The song is one of his many in the Her series of chiptunes for Paradox, the cracking group. It was featured in this game, Lyle In Cube Sector, at one of the last areas accessible. The game is made by Bogosoft and plays like a metroidvania and has a really solid soundtrack of chiptunes. Can't recommend it enough if you enjoy retro-style games. The premise of the game centers around some cloaked weirdo who steals your cat so you're on a mission to get it
  6. Yeah, I definitely need more training when it comes to mixing and mastering, regardless of genre. It's quite difficult and studio-head makes it very hard to do efficiently. Lengthwise, it's a bit long for OCRs recommended 2-7 mins but I wanted it to sort of be as on par with the psytrance and goa stuff released in general where they have rather long intro and outros for mixing purposes. If you're interested, you can hear the original tracks here in their proper SNES glory.
  7. Mfw I forget how to submit to OCR and just post a link in a forum. It's been emailed now at least and luckily after the rebalanced mix and master.
  8. Wroom wroom noises here Not submitting this as it's very "color within the lines" cover stuff moreso than a proper remix. Still, these old Amiga games don't necessarily get the love they deserve. Enjoy. c:
  9. EDIT (20-10-23): Updated the mix and master as it was very kick and bass heavy. Should be a more balanced sound now. Updated spooki sounds here A dark psytrance remix of "Jaffars Theme" and "Final Battle" from Prince of Persia for the SNES. A sampled reference from the original Apple II version of Jafar conjuring forth the hourglass is also present in the song though that's more of a soundeffect than any sort of musical score. Original composers for the SNES OST are Toshiya Yamanaka and Tetsuya Nakan. The small sampled bit was a melodic sting for the Apple II version written
  10. Seems like a pretty great idea. I would suggest a different take on Lavos as I've already got the death metal angle covered in BA3 for all three Lavos tracks. Obviously just a suggestion, either way I'd be pretty stoked to hear another take on those three tracks as a single project regardless of genre. Btw, the link has a hardbracket at the start and a missing colon.
  11. Oh boy, one out of two! Only Lavos left now and I've contributed my final Badass submission since the first project! :3 Edit: Oh yeah, I'd like to make a new authors note about Monolith of Non-Existence whenever you need those. The old one does not do all my maddeningly excessive work justice. :3
  12. I think you want a specific villain theme or literal boss encounter only songs. An acceptable combo might be for instance using the Danger track from Secret of Mana (its the same for pretty much every boss fight in the game) combined with elements of the dungeon music of the particular place or event a specific boss you'd like to make a track about is relevant to.
  13. Why do I always pick the most massive projects for OC Remix... and why can't Lavos hold all these spawns?
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