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Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun - "Lone Trooper"


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Love the OST of Tiberium Sun!!

I know you didn't really specifically ask for feedback, but I got some stuff to say...This is more like fan-boy nitpicks than actual OCR critique though...so really take it with a grain of salt...

I get why you went for a more melodic and straight-to-the-point vibe, but I miss the more pushed-back, slow to evolve, ambient feel of the source.  I think the tempo is quicker than the source, whcih might annoy some Tiberium Sun purists, but ehh...  

4:47 lead synth thingy is cool, at least I like it a lot. 

The bassline following the kick drum with some ad-libs along the chords is an OK approach, but some cameos with the 1/8 doot-doot- bass-line rhythm would be awesome.  


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Whoa, I thought I was seeing things...this is one of my favorite tracks from my early teenage years and I'm working on a remix of it at this very moment. Love all the Mendelson stuff from TS, and I wish he did more game OSTs. 

I like how you just went all-out with the panning, and the added bass melody. The one thing I'll critique is that you have a lot of buzz/grit in your bass, and I think if you filter that down a little, a whole lot of the midrange from other instruments will shine through much brighter.

I like the "ahhhs" a lot....I usually find synth choirs to be kinda cheesy but this one sounds cool. 

Always great to see love for this OST, and this track in particular. Nice job. 

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