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Theme of Love (FFIV) - Orchestral arrangement

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Hey guys, 

Here's a new arrangement, a full Orchestral arrangement of the slow, meditative, Theme of Love from Final Fantasy IV. I always felt this piece could do with a nice polished sheen to it like Hollywood film music, so I tried that in this arrangement. 

Disclaimer: Original music is by Nobuo Uematsu, visuals are in-game cutscenes.


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I can tell you really put a lot of thought and effort into this. I guess it's just hard to get around the strings for me really. At the very least I think you could employ Spitfire Labs and BBC Symphony--both of which are free—and you could really take this closer to that Hollywood ideal you had. A lot of the other instruments are okay but I think even then, you could benefit from labs and BBC. I think if you revisit this ever, try and use the plethora of resources to make this more pleasant and modern. Again though, I really like the effort you put in otherwise. I think sometimes it can drone a little bit, but that I would attribute to the instruments for now.

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