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  1. Welcome! Feel free to join the discord too and I look forward to hearing your work 😁
  2. Hey everyone is allowed to have their opinion. Maybe you are more a fan of conservative arrangements or even more classical approaches? Some of the tracks are definitely on the deeper end of the creative spectrum lol.
  3. I don't have any qualms with anything because almost all the tracks don't link the original (I remember reading it wasn't like that before but after deliberation this was the best course of action). Concerning the track you linked, I was unfamiliar with the original so I went and listened to that (and other permutations of the theme that seem to exist). If I had to guess, a major aspect of why it wasn't accepted must have had to do with the composition effort. I don't think its wrong to simplify things but the original seems to have a lot more going in terms of writing and thematic structure. A lot of that appears lost here. What we get instead is a pretty straight forward lukewarm hard rock take with some pretty middling tonality too. I'm sure there are folks who do enjoy it but I think, even as hobbyists, the bar for creativity is much higher at OCR than is displayed in this piece. I would take that a step further personally and say that goes especially for anything pure rock. I think its both a blessing and a curse of a long lived community that continually has new contributions. As more and more people try to bring their take on it, the skill levels displayed and the attempts at creation become more, well, skillful and creative. I wasn't here in 2009 but I was listening to OC Remixes and I think maybe this wouldn't have met the bar then and I would say it definitely wouldn't meet it now. That being said, I'm not a judge, I'm also technically your junior here as a fellow ReMixer and while I respectfully disagree, I can also see why maybe you'd feel the way you do about this song. Maybe the thread is here somewhere and I can read their thoughts. edit: found the thread and (years later lol) I seem to have echoed some of the judges thoughts. Very much simplified and a bit (in the most neutral sense of the word) uninspired in terms of creativity. They loved the big ol' riffs though.
  4. If your lead synth was an instrument, I'd buy it haha. That's how good it sounds!
  5. I can't say this is my style of music per se but I can respect the composition and effort. Good work!
  6. Thanks for the comments! Yeah I've tried different iterations to help at the 48-56s situation but not a lot has been effective. This is actually the second or third iteration you've made the same comment 🤣. It seems to be really objectionable, people don't mind it, or just a bit of a head scratcher. I'll try again but it may be one of those that I end up sticking with the original thing I did (which I liked personally, though it's odd) and saying it is what it is.
  7. This is pretty close to the final version... may not even change anything to be honest. As such, I think it's ready for a review
  8. Bringing back the Cello.....😯😯😯. I got a few different ideas! Thanks for the help. The choir I think a few things happen. That library naturally has a longer attack and I was trying to utilize that to make it sound less robotic. I don't think the attack is at its maximum low so I might be able to line em up. It definitely is noticeable during any moving line. It's worth checking out.
  9. Certainly quite conservative (mostly on purpose) and I'm unsure how to take it to the next level. I think it's close in concept to submission? Maybe the beginning is too conservative. The piano could use some better humanization but that's no problem. I just don't know...what to do to give it more life and less of a cover type of feel while maintaining my conservative vision. Every time I revisit it I sit there stumped lol. So gonna take it to the streets of OCR lol.
  10. This was my thought. I just thought 6/8 then 5/8 alternating but it is hard to tell. Lots of stuff going on that feel really syncopated (to me). Was hard to find the pulse.
  11. Gorgeous arrangement. Full of both conservative (but well made) approaches and some chances that all work for me. But overall just a great take. Congratulations and thank you for sharing this space in your mind. Also thank you to all the performers!
  12. Beautiful interpretation. Strawberry is quite apt!
  13. 🤣🤣 I do I do. But I'm wondering if the muse will come?
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