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  1. Oh nawwww this goes EXTRA hard. Awesome job y'all! I initially didn't recognize the source in the track but kinda didn't care haha. Then I went and listened to the source and still didn't recognize the song 😭. I think it was from an FMV during Lunatic Pandora I guess....anyway, neither here nor there! You guys killed it.
  2. Well if anything ever happens I'm certainly gonna keep my eyes and ears out!
  3. Almost done. This was definitely fun to figure out.
  4. Ah yes I know exactly which song to choose 😄
  5. Thanks for the info, I'll see what sparks my interest!
  6. If I was to choose a track to work on when would you need a WIP submitted by?
  7. I liked the approach here. Good job! Definitely one of my favorites from the game.
  8. I really adored this. There was a lot of inspirational moments and I was really caught up in the baseline and percussion. There was just so much to enjoy and think about. Thanks for the tune and bringing more of your creativity and fun into the music world!
  9. I'm gonna participate simply because I've never done a like...proper electronic piece like this before. I have zero idea what will come of it lmao
  10. I think....this is the final product or close to it. I am very happy with the nature of the track in terms of progression, direction, and sound profile. Maybe there is something production wise I'm missing in terms of the technical aspects but from a creative point of view, this is it for me I think. Ready for one more review https://drive.google.com/file/d/182aKv7vJ7CZizemYOctvrbBNNV8dhRZC/view?usp=share_link
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