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  1. For tentative interest I'd like to be put down for "As Before, We Are" from Horizon Forbidden West.
  2. Gotta say, this has a lot of inspirational moments. You guys definitely hooked me with the beginning given my uhh tendencies for vocals haha. But what I enjoy the most is the rhythmic elements have a lot of flavor to them. They often given the ear not just new patterns, but new textures to enjoy as well. Nice track guys! Even though I've never played a Metroid game or know any of the music, this felt familiar in the best of ways.
  3. I....may try! I'm a bit older so I'll be doing after 1999 if I contribute.
  4. I was going to say something but this....this is it lol. Great job MkVaff!
  5. I've actually been looking forward to listening to this for a long time since I saw it in the queue. Cool take!
  6. I agree with Mindwander's comments on motifs and evolution. Sometimes I get lost in the sauce trying to evolve and transform pieces but there are different ways and methods of transformations! Great insight and wonderful track.
  7. Big AP doing his thing on the track and of course Colorado too doing her thing as well. This track makes me so happy. Congrats guys and bravo.
  8. It's always wonderful to see someone try a piano solo mix. This was really gorgeous too. The playing is great and the arrangement itself is adventurous but the essence is somehow still quite faithful to me. Makes me want a Piano Collections part 2! Thanks for sharing your vision with us.
  9. The drop at 2:10 was built different lol. Super groovy
  10. Even though it's before my time, glad to see old PRC mixes live on among the community. Really makes me wonder how we can continue it's legacy in a more modern way? Anyway, great job here and looking forward to your next tune!
  11. Shout outs to you for your first mix! It was a pretty good one I must say. Thanks for sharing your creative vision!
  12. I also got something in albeit an older tune. Like Hemo said, this has been such a great place for learning and I can't believe all the progress I made through this compo and mnp. Every piece I've gotten into accepted into OCR at this point has gone through either MnP or PRC. I hope in the future, we have other things for new artists that will be as influential to them as PRC has been to me. Thanks for all the hard work guys!
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