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My orchestral Character motifs.

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So I have a series on youtube I've been working on for years. I started making the music a few years ago. Inspired by the Grant Kirkhope way, I have one central theme (Grunt's theme above) that is arranged to fit each character. Grunt's theme is an evil Russian march. It has lyrics found here:


Next up, Col. Von Hindenburger's waltz.

I figured out a way to make a cuckoo clock an instrument. It represents his decent into utter madness.

Empress Pyrella is Grunt's wife. This is probably the best of the themes since I transformed the main Grunt theme into a gothic baroque symphony. I particularly like the theremin.

Grunt the Inhaler is General Grunt's dad, and this is basically a take on Castlevania music right down to the title.

And finally the Ticket Taker's theme. I transformed the sinister march into a major key, and warped it into a demented disney tune.

All the instrument samples were updated by my friend Ian Rees, but the arrangements and composition were mine. Let me know your thoughts and which ones you like the best :)

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