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Artist Jace mixes nowhere to be found

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Hi  I been listening to OC remix for more than 10 years and never ever found it hard to look and find for an old mix .  Do artists now and then bail the site and erase all their work even  in youtube and soundcould ? 

Jace had some nice remixes for Phantasy Star Online I can remember 2 songs 


IDOLAtek...for The Strange Fruits


Robotic Photosynthesis...for Jungle

cant find the songs anywhere . 


Might look in old ipods and usb sticks now  . 

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Hey there!

I don't think Jace has actually made any submissions to OC Remix itself, and even then, whatever he's made for enjoyment rather than a project usually is on his own personal web space and social media.  But you aren't wrong about his storage getting pulled as of late.

I'm afraid I can't help you with Robotic Photosynthesis as that's one I didn't know was out there, but I do have IDOLAtek on my person at least.  He hosted that on his Soundcloud back in 2013, and considering he does a lot more beat making now, I can emphasize with why he wanted to retool himself.

Good luck with tracking down the other one x)

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