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Professional, sophisticatedly sampled & FREE VSTi from Native Instruments - Yangqin, a Chinese hammered dulcimer

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Good news for all fans of tradional Far Eastern (virtual) instruments. ))

Since I've bought my first VSTi from Native Instruments some weeks ago (a very good electric guitar VSTi called Electric Sunburst Deluxe - will definitely write a little feedback about this one in the topic I've already started some time ago) and I was pretty satisfied with this great stuff, I read their newsletter much more carefully.

And just a few weeks after, they pulled another big one out of their deep waters - a Chinese hammered dulcimer VSTi called "Yangqin".
And it's completely free - with a size of around 1 GB.

After reading that it's free stuff, I just thought that it can't be that great, it won't have lots of articulations and that I probably won't waste my time with free stuff.
But... WAYYYY off the mark, dudes!

It's another professional and very sophisticatedly sampled high quality VSTi from Native Instruments which offers a really beautiful sound, some useful interface settings (one-click automations of parameters also possible), different presets, a nice velocity range and lots of articulations (many key switches for short and long played notes, different kinds of tremolos, octave, resonance and varied playing techniques, glissando up & down and stuff like that).

Here's a little introduction video for this really awesome free VSTi:

I always wanted some ancient Far Eastern stuff like this - maybe for movies score compositions... but definitely for a Breath of Fire 4 remix in the future.

But before talkin' ya straight into your beds, here's the direct download link for this VSTi:


If this is your first VSTi from Native Instruments or your first instrument for Kontakt or Kontakt Player, you have to install Native Access (it's free and it just registers and maintains your Native Instruments & Kontakt/Kontakt Player VSTis) and at least the newest version of the free Kontakt Player before.

Here are the links in the correct order of installation:

1) Native Access >>> https://www.native-instruments.com/en/specials/native-access/
2) Free Kontakt 6 Player >>> https://www.native-instruments.com/en/products/komplete/samplers/kontakt-6-player/
3) Yangqin VSTi >>> https://www.native-instruments.com/en/specials/celebrate-the-holidays-with-us/
4) Don't forget to set the correct VST path in your DAW to use Native Intruments/Kontakt VSTis - (for the Windows version) you should find the correct path for using the Kontakt Player under >>> C:\Programm Files\Native Instruments\VSTPlugins 64 bit

And then, it should work after opening the Kontakt Player in your DAW.

Merry Christmas & some recreative 'n' creative holidays. ))

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  • Master Mi changed the title to Professional, sophisticatedly sampled & FREE VSTi from Native Instruments - Yangqin, a Chinese hammered dulcimer

I just have read that this VSTi is "available for free until January 31st".

But I'm not quite sure what this exactly means and if it remains free stuff for everybody who got Yangqin within this time limit - so, also for the time after January 31st for everybody who got this VSTi in the time before.

Or if it's rather free use until January 31st - and after this time, everybody has to buy it (no matter if he/she got this VSTi in the time limit or not) if he/she wants to use Yangqin any longer.

Maybe somebody knows which variant is correct or maybe somebody has got some experience with the marketing of VSTi developers, why they would put out such a professional VSTi for free for a certain amount of time.

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