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Undertale Remix - Spider Dance remix "Flathead Dance" (Cybersynth 2033 soundpack test)

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Hi there everyone.

Did something for testing out a few things with a pack I got and thought I'd post them here.

Original midi for Spider Dance was pulled from: https://www.vgsynth.com/undertale.html

Any feedback on this is appreciated!

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Forgot to include source material
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Thanks! I made a lot of use of combining the Vinyl, Soundgoodizer, and Distructor plug ins in various ways on in conjunction with some of the instruments from the free packs available in the program.

Also used Little Alterboy to push one of the parts to be a little more in the background, since some areas were doubled up in the midi I was using. A combination of all four made the voice recordings sound the way they do.

All in all, a fun way to get used to a new workflow using more samples. :D

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