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*NO* Mega Man 2 "Heat Up (Twelve Thousand Degrees)"

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Hi, this is my first submission in ages. Below you will find all the info about me and the remix.

Tobias Nylin

Contact Information
ReMixer name: Tab Newflax
Real name: Tobias Nylin
Email address:
Website: https://www.tobiasnylin.com/
Userid: 2108

Submission Information
Name of game(s) arranged: Mega Man 2
Name of arrangement: Heat Up (Twelve Thousand Degrees)
Name of individual song(s) arranged: Heat Man
Comments about the mix:
I started making music in the early 2000s, not long after that, I discovered OverClocked ReMix. I got really inspired and started making remixes of my own, I even tried to submit some of them. At some point, I stopped making music, but in recent years the inspiration has returned to me.

Mega Man 2 is one of my favorite games of all time, and its soundtrack is also one of my absolute favorites. I think it’s interesting although Heat Man’s theme is very short, and not that varied, I never get tired of it. I got inspired to make a remix of it, with the goal to see how far I could stretch it without it being too repetitive, it resulted in a 6-minute long track. I've never made a song this long, it was a real challenge, and of course, took way longer than intended to finish.

I hope you will enjoy it!
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Posted (edited)

Hey, glad to hear you've been re-inspired! And I promise we collectively will be more considerate than at your last sub. :D

I feel your confidence in the source's presentation, handled so that no section repeats ideas aside from the bookends, making the scope significantly ambitious. You've got:

  • Bars 3 and 4 of melody B getting brought into half-time on the piano at 0:29 and 5:49
  • Using melody A as a repeating arpeggio pattern throughout with the core component from 1:08 and its last bar from 1:45
  • Use of melody B's defining hook at 2:29 both for the high energy segment and into the piano wind-down not long after
  • 3:15 having the first bar of melody B getting used on an arp
  • And culminating at 3:43 with the transformation of the source's riffs onto an original 4-bar chord pattern, which sticks as the core idea for the following two minutes with textural variations.

You've brought the energy up and down at appropriate places to maintain momentum as well, so it's mostly a solid concept you've got down. However, one part of your writing that you really should watch out for is how delayed your backing guitar is. I heard it at 0:09, and again at 3:19 - it sounds like it's lagging a fraction of a beat behind. If that wasn't intentional, it should be no problem to check out the stem and sync it back in.

The production aspect isn't too bad here. The synths chosen have more of a vanilla quality, with rarely any articulations or expressions involved on individual notes. But the EQ sweeps / slow envelope movements more than compromise it - with the pitch-bend ending taking me by surprise. But I feel too much emphasis on your pads and harmonies for your mixdown that they're cluttering up the low-mids and not letting the kick and snare cut through. My suggestion is to try making cuts around the tonal frequency for where your kicks and snare are and apply them onto your pads and low-mid rhythm parts, seeing if they get more room.

Similarly, you've also got them bleeding into the melodies as well when they hit a similar tonal sequence - 4:29 being a clear-cut example of this. There are ways to prevent bleeding from two separate groups like this. My suggestions include either transposing one of the groups to a different octave, modifying their EQ separately to get the part you want de-emphasizing held back, bringing the volume up for the leads and down for the backing section, or a combination of the three.

I like your ambitious approach to a source with so little to utilize, and you've come a long way since you've last submitted. But right now, the mixdown needs to get another pass to ease off on the low-mid congestion, and your backing guitar needs its timing fixed. The latter part should be an easy remedy, and the former point is crucial if I am to sign off on this. Keep at it, Tobias!

NO (resubmit)

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  • Rexy changed the title to 2019/09/06 - (1N) Mega Man 2 "Heat Up (Twelve Thousand Degrees)"

I agree the guitar backing is out a bit, which is quite distracting. The initial build-up is otherwise interesting. The change to a minimal squelchy synth-scape worked well, with different parts coming in over time. Production is mixed. Synths sound good when there isn't too many at once, piano is basic but decent enough. The drums were quite muffled across the mix. The track is a bit low-end heavy as well — parts that don't need it could have their low end dialled back a bit to allow the bass and drums breathe some more (similar to what Rexy has mentioned already). This would also brighten the track, which is needed. The biggest strength of this track is the arrangement — you cover a lot of ground and unpack a number of ideas throughout the duration, with a lot of variation which is a great achievement. Production just needs another pass on this one.


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  • Jivemaster changed the title to 2019/09/06 - (2N) Mega Man 2 "Heat Up (Twelve Thousand Degrees)"

right off the bat, the lagging guitars caught me off guard too. i like the idea, but it's significant and notably distracting. the rest of the build is pretty nice. 0:54 is a significant change, and it sounded pretty good. rexy's right that everything's pretty vanilla, but it's put together in a fun way that is better than the sum of its parts. i loved the build from ~1:40ish to 2:15, but the payoff wasn't near as good as i'd hoped. the backing synths (notably the mid-range synths and some pads) were quite loud, the kick and snare weren't nearly loud/EQed properly enough, and so overall it lost a lot of power.

there's a nice little breakdown and build back to another big presentation of the melody, but the same issues persist - quiet/muffled drums, mid-synth domination, etc. a lot of those big synths need some serious EQ to keep them grouped together and not overlapping each other. the delayed guitar in the build needs to be fixed again as well.

around 4:30ish, i started feeling that this song had told me what it was trying to say, and it started to get repetitive. i think the last quarter or so is pretty much saying the same as the beginning, and so it got stale. trimming it down to mayba just under 5 minutes would do some wonders with keeping it moving.

the ending was nice if abrupt, calling back to the opening. i liked the chord changes and the shutdown motif with detuning down.

overall this is a track that's pretty close and just needs some cleanup before it's ready for primetime. an EQ pass to notch in most of your synths and allow the kick and snare room to do their thing is desperately needed. a volumization pass that tones back most of those mid synths doing harmony and focuses each section on what's most important will really help as well. finally, correcting the delayed guitar parts will tie those two sections together a lot more cohesively. good work! it's almost there.



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