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East West Orchestra Products on Sale at JRRShop

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I signed up for JRRshop's newsletter and frequently get a lot of sales intel from them. THIS one I post on today does look like they are the lowest prices on East West stuff I've seen yet. I don't know if other stores are doing the same thing, but East West's stuff still measures up (if you can make peace with PLAY's sampler software) and I find them tempting even after I've already invested in orchestral samples elsewhere.


Specifically relevant:

EWQLSO Platinum Plus - $299.00
East West Silk - $149.50
East West Gypsy - $149.50
East West Goliath - $149.50
East West Hollywood Orchestral Gold - $299.00
Stormdrum 3 - $149.50

And even some diamond level solo stuff between $75.00 and $150.00.

Worth sharing here.


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EW products are almost always on sale. I'd have to try to buy anything they made at original price these days.  Not that I need to because I have most of everything they made thanks to certain reddit communities.   

Come join us over at r/audioproductiondeals and indulge in the worst that gear acquisition syndrome has to offer. 

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